Leaving your beloved pet home when leaving for a holiday has got to be one of the most depressing things to do. You can’t completely relax and enjoy your vacation when you know a squishy little face eyes the front door, sad and waiting for you to return; no matter how good your pet-sitter is, family is family, for them more than you!  So what happens when you decide to take them with you? How do you go about it? Besides the permissions, passports and tickets for the pet, there is so much more you need to prepare for; have a look!


Microchip your pets

While its mandatory to microchip your cats and dogs in some countries, it is certainly not about the compulsion but about the safety and security of your beloved furry friend. It is the one way of ensuring that if your pet happens to lose their way and separates from you, you find them. It is a procedure that you can get done by your vet and causes minimal discomfort. It goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your pet on the trip.

Prepare according to the country you are about to visit

Different countries and regions have different rules when it comes to allowing animals from other parts of the world enter their territory. Right from quarantines to vaccines for rabies and several other health scares.

Countries across the world are divided into three categories; rabies free countries, rabies controlled countries and rabies high risk countries. Set of rules and documents required to travel with your pet to each of these types is different. You need to research well according to your destination.  You need to take your pet to the vet and get their papers ready, their vaccines updated. These papers will be a part of your pet’s passport and will be checked on your arrival.

Before you fly

If it is your dog’s/cat’s first time on a flight you need to be especially careful to make sure that they are comfortable. Depending upon the size of your pet, you can determine whether they are going to be allowed into the cabin with you or will have to travel cargo. If the pet is especially nervous, you may talk to the vet regarding a tranquilizer which will keep them comfortably oblivious to the trip. Crate training needs to be done way before so that the pet is familiar with it.

Carry their favourites

Whether it’s a favourite blanket they can’t sleep without, or their favourite treats, carry them when you are going to a new place. The idea is to make them as at home as possible, helping them with their anxieties and ease their way through the trip. It is important to carry ample food and water, leashes and pacifiers/toys for your pet in order to give them something to look forward to during their journey.

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