If you haven’t been living under rocks, we are sure you know that Babymoon is the new travel trend that has gripped couples around the world. A practise popularised and glamourised by celebrities, babymoon is now as much a part of a couple’s journey together as a honeymoon. For those unaware, babymoon refers to taking a vacation during a pregnancy and travelling to places, far or near. With more number of couples deciding in favour of a babymoon, we thought there wouldn’t be a better time to bring you top travel tips for couples on their babymoon.

Ensure Medical Facilities Are Always at Hand

This might seem like common sense but you can never be prepared well enough for an emergency. Make sure you have a list of good hospitals and great doctors handy at the place of your visit when travelling far. If you already have a complicated pregnancy, make sure you have notes from your doctor for anyone who attends to you in an emergency situation. Keep your medicines stocked, and always follow your doctor’s advice while deciding on the type of holiday you plan to undertake.

Choose the Right Time

Every woman has a different type of pregnancy, and no one rule can apply to them all when deciding on the best time for a babymoon. However, experts do recommend travelling between 18 to 24 weeks for reduced chances of travelling related anxieties and pregnancy-related complications. With your third trimester, when most woman encounter difficulty in much movement, still to begin and your first trimester, when the baby is still settling inside your body, behind you; this might just be the best time for you to travel.

Check the Flight Rules and Insurance

Some airlines have specific rules as far as flying pregnant women is concerned. The most common requirement by most airlines is carrying a no objection certificate from your doctor. However, some airlines might also refuse to fly women who are nearing their pregnancy or restrict flight hours for them. Do research thoroughly to avoid any surprises on your babymoon.

Safety from Sun Exposure and Diseases

If getting a good tan on your babymoon is on agenda, make sure you have a good supply of sunscreen as pregnant women are more susceptible to impacts of direct sun exposure. Also, look out for any specific vaccinations needed for travelling to certain parts of the world. The best is to run your itinerary past your doctor and let her come up with a health and safety plan, including diet requirements, during your journey.

Don’t Make It Very Hectic

You might be one of those lucky women who are blessed with an easy pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind and stress yourself out on your babymoon. While how much you want to move should be the decision made at your discretion, you definitely cannot expect to indulge in extreme adventure sports, trek for long distances or be on the run.

But, Don’t Forget to Enjoy Yourself

Having said all that, your babymoon is practically your best chance at spending some quality time together with your partner before a phase of sleepless nights and tiring days kick in. This is especially true for new parents. Make sure both of you enjoy this time with each other, and use it for sharing your anxieties and your plans for a new future so that you both are on the same page about things that matter the most. Also, take time for showing yourself a good time with long spa sessions and extensive massages meant to ease any tension in mind and body.

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