According to a latest report released by a travel rewards company, Narita International Airport in Tokyo has been given the top spot in the list of world’s best airports for food. If you find yourself at the airport anytime soon, it is mandatory that you check out these top five restaurants that have contributed a great deal in bringing Narita the title.



If the idea of an authentic Japanese meal excites you, Nanosato is the perfect place to catch a sumptuous meal at the Narita International Airport. The star dishes here include sukiyaki (thin slices of beef cooked with vegetables in soy sauce, sake, and sugar at the table) and tempura (seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried). Located on the 4th floor of the Terminal 1, the restaurant is also ideal for travellers looking for light meals such as udon and soba noodles before boarding their flight. The restaurant remains open from 07:30-21:00, and the last order can be placed at 20:30.

Sushi Yuraku

Sushi lovers have a reason to rejoice as the Sushi Yuraku serves the most delicious sushi on the airport. Specialising in Edo style sushi, the restaurant has hired very skilled sushi chefs for preparing customised sushi on the spot. All their dishes are cooked using extremely fresh ingredients and are prepared with great care. Sushi Yuraku’s special meal deals as well as rice bowls are their best sellers and great for ‘grab-and-go’ travellers. The restaurant is located on the 4th floor of Terminal 1 and takes orders between 07:30-20:30. The last order can be placed at 20:30.

La Toque (Curry)

The fan of well-cooked Japanese curries should stop by La Toque, the ‘halal’ restaurant boasting an authentic selection of “washoku” ingredients on its main menu. Using kombu seaweed and soy sauce as a base for its curries, La Toque creates flavourful curry dishes that are Japanese in their essence. A huge hit amongst tourists visiting from Muslim-dominated nations, La Toque is located at the 4th floor of the Terminal 2.  The restaurant has a very casual atmosphere, making it a great place for enjoying a cup of coffee.

Dashichazuke EN

If you would like to experiment with the flavours of Japanese home cooking, Dashichazuke EN is a great place to start. Popular for their own interpretation of an authentic dish called chazuke, made by pouring green tea or soup over a bowl of rice, Dashichazuke EN is a favourite not just among travellers but locals too. Their version of chazuke with Konbu seaweed, chicken stock is a dish that you must try along with onigiri, croquettes, and minced meat cutlets. Rice and soup refills are free, and add to the overall feeling of eating a home-cooked meal. The restaurant remains open between 07:30-21:00, with the last order being taken at 20.30.


If you have had a taste of all Japanese specialities on the airport and would like a change of cuisine, Shahoden serving authentic and healthy Chinese dishes is your best bet. Some of the most popular dishes that you must also try here include gomoku-yakisoba stir fried egg noodles with vegetables and meat, shrimp soup soba egg noodles in a soup with shrimps, tan-tanmen egg noodles in a soy sauce flavoured soup with vegetables, sweet and sour pork served with rice, and chilli sauce shrimp served with rice. Located on the 4th floor of the Terminal 2, the restaurant remains open from 08:30 – 21:30. The last order can be places at 21:15.

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