After being left to oblivion for centuries, Yoga has made an international comeback so much so that the world gets together for the celebration of the ancient art of yoga on 21st June every year. If you too are a yoga enthusiast, we suggest top five places you can visit to usher the International Yoga Day this year:


The cradle in which the ancient art of yoga was born and perfected, a journey to India is sure to kindle the love for yoga. One of the truly diverse countries, India has evolved and taken fast strides toward development and growth as a country in the last century but her soul remains floating in the spiritual realm, in the ancient traditions and customs that make her India, the land of beliefs. And Yoga is an exemplary example of the belief, the belief in your own body to do wonders. Some of the best places in India to learn or practise this ancient art are the ashrams, and retreats that still function the ancient way. Head to Rishikesh or Pune, and you’ll find plenty of them.



The birthplace of Buddha, Nepal is one of the best places in the world to experience the yogic way of life vis-à-vis Yoga.  There are plenty of yogic retreats, ashrams and yoga studios where various styles of yoga are practised and preached. Boudha, a place in Kathmandu where Boudhanath Stupa is located and Namobudhha, a Buddhist pilgrimage site are some of the most popular places amidst the yoga community in the Kathmandu Valley. Besides, Namobuddha Resort is an excellent place to practise yoga amidst the nature and like-minded people.


If you thought Thailand was all about late-night parties, bustling street life and beautiful beaches, you will be in for a surprise when we tell you that Thailand has a thriving Yoga scene. While the northern Thailand serves as the yoga hub, there are plenty of places throughout the country for learning, and practising of yoga. Some of the most popular yoga studios in Thailand include Shambala Yoga, Absolute Yoga, The Yogarden, The Yoga Tree as well as the Relax Bay. The setting and ambiance of these places have a calming effect on the minds of the visitors even before they have initiated their yoga practise and meditation.


Ubud in Bali, Indonesia is a heaven for those who are enchanted by Yoga, the ancient principal of mind and body wellness. Situated amidst the mountains, the many yoga centres provide the seekers the opportunity to learn various forms of yoga namely Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini among others. The Yoga Barn, Radiantly Alive, Ubud Yoga House, Intuitive Flow and Taksu Yoga are some of the popular yoga centres in Ubud. With the views of lush fields and mountains and tucked away from the main city, the yoga studios are designed to enhance the feeling of tranquillity and wellness.

Costa Rica

Boasting 5% of the world’s total biodiversity, Costa Rica is a place that induces the feeling of relaxation and calm. Naturally, it was discovered as a ripe place for the practise of yoga, an art whose foundation lies in being at peace with your body and mind. Puerto Viejo, Domincal, and Santa Teresa are the major destinations in Costa Rica frequented by the lovers of yoga. Some of the popular yoga studios in Costa Rica are Om Yoga in Puerto Viejo, Blue Osa in Osa Peninsula as well as Casa Zen in Santa Teresa.

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