If your idea of fun on your travels also involves trying out all that is unique in the beverage culture around the world, you might like what you are going to read next. But if your definition of fun has no place for wacky and weird, consider yourself warned.

Booze-lovers of the world: here come the most unusual drinks in the world that we have heard of:

Snake Wine

For the added bite with wine, snake wine is the many people’s preferred choice of poison in the Southeast Asia. Here’s how it is made – a whole venomous snake is put in a jar (sometimes alive) along with rice wine and some herbs and spices. It is then left to ferment for several months. Once the snake venom is broken down by ethanol, the wine becomes fit for consumption. Given the importance of snakes in the Asian medicine history as creatures with restorative and healing powers, we are not surprised this wine exists at all.

The Sourtoe Cocktail

Believe it or not, people in the Dawson City in the Yukon Territory, Canada are paying for a drink that contains a spirit of some kind, mostly whiskey, and a mummified human toe! Served at the Sourdough Saloon of the Downtown Hotel, the drink has become a symbol of being ‘true Yukoner’ because of an interesting background story associated with it (read about it). Upon finishing the drink as per the club’s rule – lips must touch the toe-you will also get a certificate.

Baby Mouse Wine

Consumed in parts of southern China and of Korea, the dead baby mouse wine (like most of these weird dead animal drinks) originated as a health drink, particularly efficient in battling asthma. Reported to taste like gasoline (who has tasted gasoline we will never know), the drink requires the dead mice to be no longer than 3 days so that hair aren’t developed on their body (because that would be disgusting!)

Civet Poop Beer

Who needs Kopi Luwak (the civet-poop coffee found in Indonesia) when they can have civet poop beer. Although the main ingredient of the beer remains the coffee beans made out of beans eaten, digested and excreted out by Indonesian civet cats, the beer, available both in Denmark and in the USA, apparently uses cà phê Chồn variety of beans from Vietnam that are produced minus any animal cruelty. If your conscience was the only thing holding you back from trying this drink, go ahead now.

Stag/Horse Semen Shot

Wellington in New Zealand has a huge craft beer scene but nothing screams outrageous as much as horse semen beer served by the Green Man pub. We doubt many people are interested in details but we’ll just let it slip that the process involves male stages being milked of their semen, which is then added to the brewing process for a creamy texture. To make the experience more ‘virile’, the beer is served in the older-style hand pump and not the carbonated beer taps that are commonplace these days.

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