Sri Lanka

The captivating island of Sri Lanka seems like a glittering jewel that floats in the dreamy Indian Ocean. Falling like a teardrop from the India into lucid azure waters, this verdant heaven features a variety of attractions to beguile its visitors – lush forests draped over majestic mountains, white pristine beaches bathed in sun and ancient regal architecture portraying colonial and historical heritage. For many Sri Lanka remains the most beautiful country on the planet with its mind-numbing natural splendours. Apart from the incredible natural exquisiteness, Sri Lanka features a remarkable ancient architecture that is reflected through UNESCO honoured gems like Sigiriya Rock fortress and Dutch fort of Galle. Majority of the international flights to Sri Lanka land up in Colombo, which is the country’s scintillating commercial capital. The city boasts glitzy shopping malls, casinos and bars, as well as enriching museums. Kandy and Galle are other two cities that have been attracting and enticing tourists to grab cheap flights to Sri Lanka. Discover an island paradise on Sri Lanka holidays – a paradise that is surely going to leave you gobsmacked and impressed!

Important Tourist Destinations in Sri Lanka

Colombo – Galle – Kandy

Sri Lanka Culture and Lifestyle

Sri Lanka’s Culture is fascinating to say the least and is as diverse as its splendid natural beauty. To experience the magnificent Sri Lankan Culture is really a once in a lifetime opportunity that travellers must undertake during their holidays to Sri Lanka. Observing and participating in Sri Lankan festivals is perhaps the finest and the most entertaining way to experience the nation’s culture, traditions, life and people. Take a look at some of the Sri Lanka’s cultural and lifestyle highlights that define the country’s social and cultural existence.

  • Buddhism and Hinduism are two major religions of Sri Lanka that influence political, social and cultural life in the nation. The nation’s culture is also influenced by the Dutch, the Portuguese and the British colonisation.
  • The country’s ancient architecture is predominantly Buddhist with large Buddha sculptures scattered throughout Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lankans enjoy a unique lifestyle that’s unassuming, artistic and entertaining. Sri Lanka’s hospitality is legendary in its own right.
  • While addressing people one should use the suitable title followed by the surname. Wait for the other party to shift to first name basis.
  • Most people and especially youngsters in Sri Lanka greet each other by shaking hands.
  • Sri Lankan women might avoid physical contact with a man outside their family so it is better to wait and let the woman extend her hand.

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

The best time to visit Sri Lanka differs depending upon the region one intends to visit. However, it is generally believed that the period from November to April is the ideal time to visit the island nation. This is the driest period of the year on the south west coast and up in the hills. These regions feature country’s several major tourist attractions as well as some of the finest beaches in Sri Lanka. The period from May to September is best to visit the east coast of the country. Therefore, it can be said that Sri Lanka can be visited any time of the year. At least some part of the nation is fitting to be visited each period of the year.

Popular Airlines to Sri Lanka

A number of airlines operate flights from different UK cities to the Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo). While some are renowned for their cheap airfares others are popular for providing first-rate on-board services. Here is a list of different popular airlines operating from the UK to Sri Lanka.

Travel Tips for Holidays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka holidays can be really fun and an enlightening experience for travellers. There are some tips and suggestions that if adhered to can result in better experience for the tourists.

  • Travellers are advised to dress modestly in public places as well as at the religious sites. All visitors to Buddhist and Hindu temples are expected to have their heads uncovered. Topless public sunbathing is prohibited in the country.
  • Do not pose for photographs at religious sites and ask permission before taking pictures of individuals.
  • Light-hearted bargaining while shopping is acceptable.
  • Violent crimes against foreign tourists is rare, however basic precautions should be taken to avoid any untoward incidents. Women should not move around all alone in the night on the streets.
  • Scams involving gemstones are common in Sri Lanka; one must take care of that.
  • Tourists should be respectful and polite to monks.

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