Air travel has become a part of our lives now. Most of us take regular flights around the world for holidaying, work or visiting friends and relatives, and we all know the drill. Reach airport 2 hours earlier, check in, board the flight, switch off electronics, wear a seat belt and so on. But have you ever wondered what goes behind the scenes, in the kitchen where all your food is coming from, in the cockpit where pilots responsible for your lives are? If yes, we might be able to satiate some of that curiosity here in this post. Read on:


Pilots have a secret code for hijacking

Yes, that’s right. In event of a plane landing after a hijacking situation, the pilots are instructed to leave the wing flaps of the plane facing upward. This will serve as an indication to any passerby that not everything is fine on the plane.

An order your flight attendant hates

Do you know what your flight attendants hate serving the most? Your innocent can of diet coke. Why? For the simple reason that at the height of almost 35000 feet, it takes a lot of time for the fizz from the coke to settle which increases the time that a flight attendant has to spend serving a single passenger.

The toilets can be unlocked from the outside

No need to panic. Your privacy and safety are not at risk. The doors are locked from the outside only if there is an emergency, and a passenger is stuck inside for some reason.

The most common time for the plane to crash

If you’ve had horrific visions of being on a plane that crashes as you are sleeping mid-flight, you have a reason to relax. As per the data, most planes crash when they are taking off or landing and not mid-air.

Oxygen masks are there for a reason

Most of us, thankfully, never have had to use an oxygen mask on the flight. Therefore, it is natural for us to treat it equal to the rest of the furniture on the plane. But the fact is that if the air cabin loses oxygen  at high altitude, and you don’t have an oxygen mask ready, it will only take 15 minutes before you pass out.

Tea/Coffee on the plane isn’t a very good idea

No, we don’t have anything against the harmless beverages. In fact, we love them. The only reason we don’t recommend them on a plane is because the water used to make them mid-air is treated heavily with chemicals and can leave you feeling ill.

Your pilot isn’t eating what you are eating

It’s not because the pilot suddenly decided that he wanted Chinese while the plane is serving Italian, it is simply because the food served to pilots is prepared with extra care, keeping in mind their nutrition requirements for efficient flying. They are never given heavy meals that might leave them feeling sleepy or lazy.


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