Planning holidays is not easy. Right from taking leaves from work, to figuring out extensive itineraries and to deal with pre-holiday stress, there’s a lot that goes into pulling out a perfect holiday experience. And if the holiday still doesn’t go as expected, it’s a bummer for life! What if there was a way to minimise the risk associated with holidaying at unknown locations? What if you could pick destinations where you are more likely to enjoy?

Making psychology our muse, we bring you four basic personality types and the kind of holidays they should plan in order to have maximum fun at their travel locations:


The Extroverts

The extroverts are adventure seekers who are on a lookout for new experiences, and no matter what form they come in, extroverts grab them with both the hands. Extroverts like to visit new places and the hottest destinations of the season. Their travel plans are filled with activities like diving, cliff jumping, and bungee jumping because they do not hesitate to take risks. In fact, for them, taking risks is an essential part of a great experience. Based on their personality type, extroverts will have the time of their lives in countries like India, Thailand and Mexico where the pace of life matches their own stride.

The Introverts

For introverts, their mind is a world of its own and its nourishment is essential as it is the mind that keeps them company when the world looks big and dark. The introverts, therefore, like to visit places of cultural and historical significance where they can spend time admiring the architecture and the important landmarks. Because introverts don’t necessarily concern themselves with the ‘most popular’ at any place, they often discover travel gems while exploring a city or a town on their own. Places like France and Rome make for excellent travel destinations of introverts.

The Spontaneous

As the title suggests, these are the people who don’t like to plan ahead of the holiday. They often throw caution to the wind to pull off long road trips on a whim. Even when they have planned a holiday in advance, they often improvise as they begin their journey. Mostly backpackers, these are the people who never let a dull moment be a part of their journeys. Places like America and Greece are perfect for the people with a spontaneous trait of character.

The Laidback

You know you have a laidback character when the idea of a holiday for you is relaxing in your private, luxury hotel room and doing as little as possible. The laidback people take the definition of a holiday at its face value, pampering themselves to exquisite spas and treating themselves to glorious vistas of sunrise and sunsets. When left alone in their comfortable resorts, these are the people who wouldn’t care if they are in Asia, Africa or America; although, they should rather be at an island location such as the Maldives, Mauritius or the Seychelles as per their personality trait.

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