The utterly entrancing Philippines makes for an unparalleled holiday destination in Asia. The archipelago of about 7000 breathtaking islands, located amid the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, is a treasure trove of stimulating marvels of nature including picturesque beaches drenched in affable charisma, lush rainforest replete with gratifying serenity, incredible assortment of wildlife and mesmerizing landscapes. The natural splendour aptly blends with the cosmopolitan aura and spellbinding heritage. With its key destinations teeming with options of intoxicating nightlife, popular hotels, fine dining restaurants, countless shopping attractions, ancient architecture and intriguing tourist destinations, holidaymakers booking flights tickets to Philippines stay rejuvenated with flurry of exhilarating activities and extraordinary sites.

Important Tourist Destination in Philippines

Manila, Bacolod, Baguio, Cebu and Davao are the major tourist destinations visited by most holidaymakers travelling on cheap flights to Philippines.

Important Statistics

  • Location – Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean.
  • Time – (GMT + 8:00)
  • Capital – Manila
  • Area – 299,764 km2
  • Population – 92,337,852 (2010)
  • Currency – Peso
  • Calling Code – +63
  • Official Language(s) – Filipino & English.
  • Largest City- Quezon City
  • Religion – 90% of Christians, 80% of Roman Catholic, 10% of Christian denominations ( including Iglesia ni Cristo, Philippine Independent Church, Seventh-day Adventist Church, United Church of Christ and Jehovah’s Witnesses).
  • Government – Sovereign
  • Visa Information – For information about obtaining a visa for Philippines, British Nationals can visit the FCO website at or contact the relevant authorities.

Philippines Culture and Lifestyle

Philippines is renowned as the largest catholic country in Asia and boasts a beguiling mix of foreign influences and a fusion of awe-inspiring culture and fascinating arts. The culture of Philippines is as diverse as its magnificent natural splendour and it portrays its complex history. Visitors travelling on cheap flights to Philippines will be overwhelmed by the potpourri of Malayo-Polynesian and Hispanic cultures and the influence of Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and other Asian cultures. Take a look at some of the Philippines cultural and lifestyle facts to have a better insight.

  • The strongly-held spiritual beliefs mark the religion in the Philippines. Christianity, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, Animism and Hinduism are among the major religions that hold a special place in the life of the most Filipinos.
  • American style suburban-gated architecture is popular in Manila cities and surrounding provinces. Coconut Palace is the finest epitome of Philippine Architecture.
  • Philippines is a Catholic country where traditional Catholic holidays of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and other festivals are observed with gusto and aplomb.
  • Filipinos are extremely amiable and hospital people. While meeting people and asking for favour, be courteous, take time to smile and say “thank you” or for better responses, say “salamat”, which means “thank you” in Tagalog.

Best Time to Visit Philippines

The best time to visit Philippines is during winter. This is the time when pleasant sea breezes blowing through the country make outdoor activities highly joyful. Typhoons do not occur in the country during winters. November to April is the ideal time when most travel buffs book airline tickets on flights to Philippines for experiencing the grandeur of the country and taking delights in the best climactic conditions. Visitors should try to avoid Manila in May as the capital can get appallingly hot during this time. Surfers can plan holiday during typhoon season that brings the biggest waves and lasts from around July to October.

Popular Airlines to Philippines

Philippines is home to number of international airports in major destinations like Manila, Cebu, Davao, Angeles (Clark), Kalibo, Laoag and Zamboanga. However Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Paranaque remains a prominent stop for most vacationers on holiday breaks to the country. Dozens of airlines operate direct and indirect flights to Philippines from different cities of UK. Some popular ones are:

Travel Tips for Holidays in Philippines

Flight tickets to Philippines mean utterly ecstatic holidays. However, there are some useful and suggestions that tourist travelling on cheap flights to the country must heed.

  • Certain parts of Philippines have an FCO advice issued for them. Travellers must check FCO website ( before travel to such regions.
  • The country has severe penalty for illegal use and drug importation and any involvement in drug-related-cases must be avoided.
  • Visitors must check the weather conditions before going for inter-island travel as storms in the country appear quickly.
  • There is a high rate of street crime and robberies. Visitors should arrange to be met at the airport or use hotel transfer services. Use of a driver or taxis from a reputable source and avoiding displays of cash or jewellery is advised. Beware and don’t accept drinks or confectionery from strangers.
  • Violent crimes against foreign tourists are rare in Philippines. However, holidaymakers travelling on cheap flights should take basic precautions to eschew untoward incidents. Solo women travellers are advised to tour in large groups.

Money Exchange

Foreign Exchange in Philippines is available at all major banks, international airports and shopping attractions. Money changers can also be found in all the major cities and in tourist centres around the country.

(Note: This destination guide is based on information gathered from reliable online sources and provides only general information about the destination. Travellers must read the updated travel advice for the destination on FCO’s website Southall Travel holds no responsibility for any misrepresentation of facts and shall not be in any way liable for any kind of eventuality such as damages, loss, additional costs etc arising from the use of information given in this guide).

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