Exploding with colours of vibrant cultures and rich history, Pakistan is one holiday destination that needs no introduction. The nation features all the facets to be a popular holiday spot and makes many jaws drop with its incredible beauty melting into the waters of modernity with extreme perfection. Unfortunately, the tourism potential of Pakistan has remained veiled to the world and it’s cultural heritage is still a mystery waiting for exploration.

The multi-ethnic land of Pakistan proudly swanks its varied enriching inheritances, charismatic cultures and lip-smacking culinary experience. Though tourism is not the largest industry in this nation, its remarkable list of tourist attractions, an array of popular hotels and pulsating shopping attractions add to the popularity of flight tickets to Pakistan.

Keeping the focus on the good, travellers taking flights to Pakistan may find an array of tourist attractions in the country. While highly renowned tourist locations such as Lahore Fort and Kaghan Valley beguile holiday makers to start scouting for cheap flights to Pakistan, the divine mosques including Badshahi and Shah Faisal Mosque are perfect grounds for religion devotes who visit the land to attain serenity and nirvana. The country is also a highly renowned spot for shopping lovers willing to pack some traditional goods and artefacts of the country. The marketplaces of the country such as Kohsar market (Islamabad), Anarkali Bazar (Lahore) and Khadda Market (Karachi) are extremely popular shopping attractions that let the travellers shop till they drop.

Important Tourist Destination in Pakistan

Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Muzaffarabad.

Important Statistics

  • Location – South Asia.
  • Time – UTC+5.0 (UTC + 6.0 in summer)
  • Capital – Islamabad
  • Area – 803,940 square Kilometres (approx.)
  • Population – 177,100,000 (2011 estimate).
  • Currency – Pakistani Rupee (Rs.) (PKR)
  • Calling Code – + 92
  • Official Language(s) – Urdu, English (Pakistani)
  • Largest City – Karachi
  • Religion- Muslim 97%, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikhs and other 3%
  • Government – Islamic Republic
  • Visa – For information on Visa procedures and regulations, travellers must check the visa guidelines from the relevant embassy/ consulate or consult their travel agent.

Pakistan Culture and Lifestyle

Pakistan is an incredibly beautiful destination that takes travellers on a journey to the diverse variety of tribes and communities. Though the country was invaded by many legendary rulers and kings, no one succeeded in blemishing the deep-rooted cultures of this marvellous country. Pakistan is an Islamic country with 97% of the Pakistanis being Muslims. Be it food, clothes, politics or lifestyle – Islam shadows every facet of life in Pakistan. Islam’s significance gets boost in the fasting month of Ramadan in which every Muslim is expected to fast from dawn to dusk.

Best Time to Visit Pakistan

Broadly, Pakistan experiences three seasons – cool (around October to February), hot (around March to June) and wet/monsoon (around July to September). Though Pakistan has a hot weather, climatic conditions vary across different parts of the country that one travels to.

The best time to visit southern part of Pakistan is between the months of November and March when the region stays cool with clear skies. Whereas, the best time to visit northern Pakistan is from April to October. The time is ideal for enjoying trekking and thus beguiles countless tourists to look for cheap flights to Pakistan. Travellers booking flight tickets to the country must bear in mind that travelling in the country during monsoons becomes challenging at times and may restrict them to their hotel rooms.

Popular Airlines to Pakistan

A number of airlines operate flights to serve this destination from the United Kingdom. One can find direct flights, full service airlines as well as cheap flights to Pakistan. Here are a few options to choose from

Travel Tips for Holidays in Pakistan

  • Britons planning holidays to Pakistan must bear in mind that the locals of the country pay high respect to their religion and culture and do not tolerate any sort of disobedience against them. Thus, travellers must respect the religious sentiments of the locals to enjoy hassle free holidays.
  • The female travellers visiting the country are advised to dress decently while touring around. Wearing short or body hugging clothes must be avoided.
  • Travellers must get themselves covered with a travel insurance policy. As water-borne diseases are quite common in the country, travellers must take appropriate measures to stay away from discomforting situations.
  • Updated travel advice can be accessed from FCO’s website.

Money Exchange

Foreign Exchange is available at all major banks and international airports of Pakistan. Money can also be changed at some popular hotels. Travellers must carry their identity proof as it may be requested.

(Note: This destination guide is based on information gathered from reliable online sources and provides only general information about the destination. Travellers must read the updated travel advice for the destination on FCO’s website Southall Travel holds no responsibility for any misrepresentation of facts and shall not be in any way liable for any kind of eventuality such as damages, loss, additional costs etc arising from the use of information given in this guide).

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