‘Peshawar’ literally translates to ‘City on the Frontier’. This quaint border town is the provincial capital of Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). This archetypal frontier settlement surely invokes a sense of mysticism with its innumerable architectural treasures. Its close proximity to the Afghan border adds to its aura. This bustling city overwhelms travellers with awing sights, flavoursome smells and appetizing tastes. A stroll through the old-fashioned streets of the city overhauls the sensory with the flavour of mouth-watering Kebabs, the seraphic fragrance of green teas and the bustle of local bazaars. This city, where modernity collides abruptly with antiquity, is dotted with quaint old edifices exhibiting the astounding Colonial splendour. Unsurprisingly, throngs of history buffs looking for an extraordinary historical excursion hop on flights to Peshawar. One of the most colourful cities of Pakistan, Peshawar promises to engage and entertain even the most astute of tourists looking for a perfect holiday gateway! Apart from ample availability of cheap flights to Peshawar, affordable lodging options are also easily available in the city.

Best Time to Visit Peshawar

Peshawar features a semi-arid climate with very hot summers and mildly cold winters. While winters in Peshawar last from mid Novembers to late March, summer generally span from May to Septembers. The city receives rainfalls both in winters and summers.

Spring and fall make the best time to visit Peshawar: The city usually becomes a hive of tourist activities during the months of April, May, September and October. No wonder, it is hard to find cheap flights to Peshawar during these months!

Top Tourist Spots in Peshawar

Peshawar is one of the most colourful cities in Pakistan. This wonderful city houses some astonishing establishments, which make it a compelling tourist destination. Replete with multifariousness of eye-catching spots, historically engaging museums, colonial edifices, tranquil mosques and mighty forts – Peshawar surely attracts holiday makers from all over. Here is a listing of some of the popular Peshawar tourist attractions.

  • Khyber Pass
  • Peshawar Museum
  • Jamrud Fort
  • Fort Bala Hisar
  • Cunningham Clock Tower
  • Chowk Yadgar
  • Altit Fort

Amazing Shopping Attractions in Peshawar

From the greatest Pakistani style shopping zones to bustling local bazaars – this quaint frontier town offers aplenty of shopping options. Fascinating shopping precincts, bustling bazaars and upscale malls lure shoppers to take flights to Peshawar and indulge in retail therapy. From retro bargain deals to costly carpets, from leather goods to priceless antiques- this city offers multiple alternatives to shoppers of all budgets. The favourite purchases here remain handicrafts, Kashmiri shawls, Afghani needle work, rare rugs and carpets. Here is a listing of major shopping attractions of the city.

  • Khyber Bazar
  • Sadar Road
  • Shafi Market
  • Dean’s Trade Center
  • Arbab Road

Awesome Eating Out in Peshawar

Epicureans taking Peshawar flight tickets are often waylaid by the enticing smell of Peshawar’s unmatched “kebabs” and “tikkas”, sweltering on hot coals at numerous eating joints. Die-hard gourmets get spoilt for choices with multiplicity of ethnic and global cuisines served in the city. Upscale restaurants in the region generally dole out huge variety of international delicacies apart from locals favourites. Check out some of the popular food joints that add to the popularity of air tickets to Peshawar.

  • Khan’s Club
  • Chief Burger,
  • Clock Tower Food Streert
  • Balana Restaurant
  • Pearl Barbeque Continental
  • Chersee Tikka House

Best Hotels in Peshawar

Accommodation options in Peshawar are widely diversified both in terms of tariffs and styles. The accommodation here ranges from luxurious and expensive 5 Star resorts to low-budget hotels that are preferred by budget tourists and family vacationers. Here is a list of some of the popular hotels in Peshawar.

  • Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar
  • Shiraz Inn
  • Green Hotel
  • Khan Club Hotel
  • Rose Hotel

Airport in Peshawar

Peshawar International Airport serves as the gateway to the city. This modern-day airport is located at a distance of about a 10-minute drive from the centre of Peshawar. This airport is served by many airlines such as Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates, Etihad and Shaheen Air International. Numerous other carriers offer direct flights to the city. This airport is also well connected to domestic destinations like Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

Getting Around in Peshawar

Bus and taxi services are the most common ways to get around in the city. Auto rickshaw is yet another popular means to get through the clogged streets. Tourists taking vacations here can also walk along the narrow alleys of the city to get the real flavour of the city. Car on rent is another preferable way to get around.

Peshawar Travel Tips for Holidaymakers

  • Peshawar has had a number of terrorist attacks in past few years. Pay heed to travel warnings issued by FCO before making reservations for holidays in Peshawar.
  • Entry to the areas that are administered by tribal authorities and are outside the control of the regular police can be dangerous for tourists.
  • It is advisable for the tourists to avoid travelling alone or after dark to avoid any untoward incident.
  • Take utmost care to safeguard your passport, important documents and other valuables, especially when using public transport.
  • Public and religious demonstrations are quite common in Peshawar. However, it is not sensible for tourists to partake in any such demonstrations.
  • One should dress modestly at all times. It is advisable to opt for clothes that cover legs and shoulders. Additionally, female travellers are required to put on head scarves while visiting holy places.
  • Keep a photo id with you all the times for identification purposes.

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