Karachi, the biggest city of Pakistan, is the financial and cultural capital of the country. This splendid metropolis tempts tourists with its modern ambience exotically blended with its old-fashioned aura. This magnificent mega-city bewilders even the most discerning of tourists with its awe-inspiring wonders, grand buildings, amazing museums, balmy beaches, awing cultural legacies and inimitable shopping extravaganza. Being a kaleidoscope of rich cultural amalgamation, Karachi is often referred as mini Pakistan!

The myriad of Karachi lures keep becharming travellers throughout the year and perhaps more than anywhere else in Pakistan, Karachi is the city to indulge in the festivity of shopping, nightlife and dining! Unsurprisingly, numerous airlines offer cheap flights to Karachi flying in the city several times a week.

Best Time to Visit Karachi

Karachi has a tropical climate. Summers and winters are the two main seasons, while spring and autumn span for a very short period. Summers are generally hot and long, winters are usually gently cold with sunny days. The monsoon season lasts from July to September.

The time frame from November till the end of March is considered to be the best time to visit Karachi. Usually, throngs of Britons take flights to Karachi during the month of December. Unsurprisingly, numerous travel agencies offer all-inclusive package deals during this time of the year.

Top Tourist Spots in Karachi

Karachi is undeniably the major traditional and cultural hub of Pakistan. This wonderful city astounds holiday makers taking flights to Karachi with numerous tourist trappings. While beach birds taking holidays here can flock to Hawkes Bay Beach to partake in entertaining beach frolics, the panoramic sight of St. Patricks Church is enough to leave the sightseer astounded. Entertaining theme parks and engaging museums in the city compete for visitor’s attention. Here is a listing of some of the major tourist spots in the city.

  • Mohatta Palace Museum
  • Mazar-e-Quaid
  • National Museum of Pakistan
  • Clifton Beach
  • Aladdin Park
  • French Beach
  • Pakisatan Air Force Museum

Amazing Shopping Attractions in Karachi

From souvenirs to fashion-wears, Karachi offers shops catering to all tastes and budgets. Shopping joints tempt shoppers to book cheap flights to Karachi and allows them to sharpen their bargaining skills at city’s local markets! Apart from traditional Pakistani markets, upscale boutiques and trendy malls are also available in the city. Gems, onyx, apparel, fashion accessories, books, junk jewelleries, handicrafts and Pakistani carpets and rugs are some of the popular items that tourists opt for in the city. Here is a listing of some prominent shopping attractions in Karachi.

  • Empress Market
  • D-Mart
  • Zainab Market
  • The Forum Mall
  • Park Towers shopping mall

Awesome Eating Out in Karachi

Karachi houses several upscale restaurants, which serve a variety of appetizing cuisines. Most of the swanky restaurants are located in the one of the many hip shopping zones here. Epicureans can check out Burns Road and Khadda Market areas for some fantastic restaurants. Here is a listing of some of the famous food joints that add to the popularity of air tickets to Karachi.

  • Boat Basin
  • Karachi Broast
  • Gunsmoke
  • Bundoo Khan’s
  • Lal Qila
  • Floating Ship
  • Revolving Restaurant
  • Tandoori Hut

Best Hotels in Karachi

Karachi houses a diversity of hotels with a wide range of accommodation styles. The lodging options in the city diverse from budget dorms to luxurious guest-houses to ambience-oozing hotels! There is no dearth of luxury resorts as well as cheap hotels that offer decent accommodations at affordable rates. Here is a listing of few popular hotels in Karachi.

  • Marriott Hotel Karachi
  • Sheraton Karachi Hotel
  • Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi
  • Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi
  • Royal Inn Guest House Karachi
  • Hotel Jabees

Airport in Karachi

The Jinnah International Airport, the largest airport of Pakistan, serves millions of passengers every year. It is the hub for Pakistan International Airways and Shaheen Air, and is served by approximately 20 airlines. The airport houses two fantastic concourses that support flights from international and domestic destinations. The international airport is well connected with different parts of the city. Apart from taxi service, bus and minibus routes are also available to the airport.

Getting Around in Destination

The most common ways of getting around in Karachi is through buses and taxis. While majority of the Karachiites use buses for getting around, the taxi services would be the preferred choice for tourists.

Karachi Travel Tips for the Holidaymakers

  • There is a threat from terrorism and sectarian violence throughout Pakistan. Attacks could be indiscriminate and could affect foreign travellers. It is best to pay heed to FCO travel advisory before planning trip to the city.
  • Street crimes are fairly common in Karachi. Hence, it is sensible to avoid travelling to dangerous areas and also to refrain from travelling alone after dark.
  • Traffic jams are the major trouble here making it prudent to check out for alternate routes to get around in the city.
  • It is imperative for travellers to dress modestly at all times. Men and women should cover their shoulders and legs while in public. It is essential for women to cover their heads in and around holy places.
  • Homosexuality is illegal here and being overly affectionate in public is an act to refrain from while taking vacations here.

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