When it comes to characterising Mexico as a tourist destination, the phrase ‘something for everyone’ aptly defines the country. For nature enthusiasts who travel to the country there are whales and coral reef; for archaeology buffs there are brilliant relics of ancient civilisations; for food lovers there is the presence of highly eclectic cuisine; for hedonists the lure of vivacious nights of beach parties is too much to resist; and for shopaholics the availability of fine silverwork and weavings does the trick. And then there are Mexico beaches! Remarkable and astoundingly beautiful! With nearly 6000 miles of striking coastline, it is no surprise that beach bums too find it highly convenient to book air tickets to Mexico.

Travel to the nation’s capital, Mexico City to truly experience the charm of this country. This is where traditional stumbles upon the modern and offers a fusion that is radiantly attractive. Mexico’s old towns and urban sprawls stitch together seamlessly to create a holiday destination that to its credit hasn’t been overshadowed by its hugely popular and incredibly large neighbour!

Important Tourist Destination in Mexico

Mexico City – Cancun – Monterrey – Guadalajara – Oaxaca – Cozumel

Mexico Culture and Lifestyle

Mexicans are exceptionally proud of their country and its history. They are generally very hard working people who are extremely attached to their families and attach a lot of significance to strong character and values. Mexican population can be referred as ‘young,’ with the majority of the people in the nation under 40 years of age.

Football, baseball and bullfighting are the popular sporting activities in Mexico. However, it is the game of football that enjoys the biggest following with most of the adults and kids following the sport. Mexican cuisine is known all over the world for its powerful and pied flavours, liberal usage of different spices and colourful presentation. Some popular Mexican dishes include tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos and tamales. Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores), Day of the Dead, Christmas, Candlemas and Lent are few of the major festivals and events that are celebrated in the country.

Best Time to Visit Mexico

The period between December and April is considered high season as people from all over the Northern Hemisphere travel to Mexico to avoid chilly winters back home. July and August is another popular time to visit the country as it is time for the traditional summer vacations. Mexico flight tickets and accommodation can be very expensive during these periods.

The months of October and November might be the best time visit Mexico. The scenery is green, temperatures are balmy, crowds are at a minimum and this is when a traveller is most likely to find some attractive deals on flights as well as hotels in Mexico.

Popular Airlines to Mexico

A host of airlines offer cheap indirect flights to Mexico from the UK and few provide a direct connection to the country. Paris, Dallas and Miami are some of the popular stopovers for flights en route to Mexico. British Airways, American Airlines, Aeromexico, Air France and United Airlines are some viable and popular carriers for those seeking tickets on Mexico flights from London.

Travel Tips for Holidays in Mexico

Safety Tips

  • Street crime is on the rise in the country. Numerous cases of stolen passports are reported to the UK Embassy each year.
  • Tourists are advised to avoid wearing costly jewellery and watches, and to dress down in public.
  • Travellers should be particularly alert on public transport, at airports, bus stations and tourist sites.
  • At airports in the country, use only authorised prepaid airport taxi services.
  • It is best to stay on main roads and well-lit areas.
  • Theft on buses is pretty widespread. Using buses during daytime and if possible only first-class buses is advisable.
  • Keep a copy of essential documents along.
  • Women travelling alone should be highly alert of their surroundings. Several serious sexual offences have reported in tourist areas in Cancun. Adequate caution should be exercised even in areas close to hotels, more so after dark.

General Tips

  • As per law, smoking is prohibited in public places, public transportation and private buildings.
  • Homosexuality in Mexico is by and large tolerated rather than accepted. Tourists are advised to avoid public displays of affection between same sex couples.
  • Malaria is widespread in certain low-lying rural areas of Mexico and outbreaks can take place any time of the year. Take all necessary precautions against mosquito bites to avoid any kind of health issue. Dengue is another mosquito-borne infection that is common in the country.
  • Hygiene standards differ in Mexico. It is highly advisable that tourists drink or use only boiled or bottled water.
  • Mexico’s hurricane season usually runs from June to November and can have an effect on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

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