Marrakech, Morocco is a top holiday destination for vacationers who seek a date with a blossoming cultural extravaganza. Before jumping on flights to get there, it is not a bad idea to get acquainted with various charms of the place.

Marrakech is a major city in Morocco and is perhaps the leading tourist destination in the country. The city is known for its distinct character that has come to symbolize the synthesis of African and European characteristics. Marrakech is also known for its great culinary know-how and this is possibly the reason why many foodies seem so keen on jumping aboard flights departing for the Moroccan city. Further, the hospitality showered by the people here is simply overwhelming. There are so many vibrant sides to Marrakech. Here’s a brief guide on what to expect after landing in this colourful conurbation.

For any holiday maker who has invested heaps of money on flights, tickets, hotels, etc., sightseeing remains the prime concern. In Marrakech, leisure travellers will have no dearth of options when it comes to talking in the sights. One can start the process by exploring the Bahia Palace, a wonderful architectural wonder that represents Arab and Islamic structural styles. People will simply love the colourful tiles and the majestic ceilings that festoon the palace. The serene-looking courtyard will act a sort of anti-dote to the gregariousness of the chaotic city. For tourists, the ruins of the El Badi Palace can follow next. The ruins are truly spectacular and are going to provide orgasmic delights to history lovers boarding Marrakech bound flights!! Menara Gardens, on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, is a gorgeous green expanse that impresses by the virtue of its exquisite milieu.

Shopping is a must-indulge in activity in Marrakech. Even the biggest of non-shoppers are bound to pick up an item or two once they have a look at the various kinds of stuff that is being sold in Marrakech’s souks (markets). Perfumes, spices, clothes, shawls, carpets, shoes…there is nothing that is not found in this region. Keen tourists will love the atmosphere of traditional markets. Street performers, snake charmers and screaming vendors are likely to make you smile and very proud of the decision to book tickets on flights to Morocco.

Dining is an elaborate and fulfilling affair in Marrakech. The central square (Djemaa-El-Fnaa) is where people get to explore the incredible range of delicacies that are to be found in this region. All kinds of stuff are served here, be it fried aubergines or snails! The food is cheap and is sure to impress budget travellers who seek affordable flights’ tickets and wish to wrap up their holiday within a restricted budget. Don’t forget to check out the Moroccan mint tea!

Owing to the rising popularity of Marrakech as a holiday destination, a number of hotels have sprouted in the region, over the years. Travellers who are visiting Morocco and would love to greet the local culture of the place must choose a Riad—a traditional Moroccan house – for their address in the city. Rugs, glassware and interiors – everything is a perfect window to the region’s vivid heritage and culture. Other than that, there are host of other lodging options for people who are boarding flights after booking air tickets.

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