If J.K Rowling has Harry Potter, Walt Disney has his Walt Disney Park, a world that sprouted from his imagination, a place that could come to life with nothing short of sheer dedication, a dream that he packaged and sold to millions around the world and legacy that shines like diamonds even in the golden world of great legacies. With all its gushing waterfalls, magical kingdoms, dreamy corners and blossoming gardens, the grandeur of the Walt Disney Park is overwhelming, and so evident that is hard to look at it without being changed, changed in the understanding of this world and its many offerings, of a man’s ambition and capability to bring his dreams alive. Such is the artwork gone into its formation that it is hard for onlookers to identify the exact elements that make the Walt Disney World the greatest theme park our generation has seen despite staring right at them.


Curiosity sent us researching and we came back with lessons that the success of this giant empire gave us:

Travel with a Plan, and Then Change it Sometimes

Initially, Walt Disney planned on buying 8 acres of land where his employees and their families could go and relax. However, the World War 2 gave him time to think and improvise. The 8 acres soon became 100 and then 160, and today Walt Disney World covers a sprawling 27,258 acres that host four theme parks, two water parks, a camping resort, several gold courses and entertainment avenues alongside twenty-seven themed hotels. No matter how much you like to be in control, it’s always a good idea to be spontaneous sometimes, and travel toward unchartered territories, ones that weren’t even in your plan.

Follow Your Heart and Learn to Deal with Criticism

Walt Disney grew up loving drawing. He would sketch and sell his drawings to neighbours. He pursued his dreams and made a career out them. Had he listened to the critics who said that women won’t be able to sit through some of his thrilling rides, a mouse can never be a hero of a film and that a theme park will be a huge failure, we would never have the great Walt Disney World. No matter how much people advise you against the perils on the road, of the road less taken, always follow your heart and your map.

Never Stop, Keep Travelling

Walt Disney once famously said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world,” Taking a cue from a man who left a legacy that the world will always remember, never stop travelling. Travelling gives one a perspective like none other experience in life can. Travelling broadens one’s outlook and develops a greater understanding of different people and cultures. Like the Walt Disney World is evolving and reaching newer heights with its persistence to be the best, aspire to reach newer destinations with the same determination in your heart.

Inspire People You Meet on Your Way

The Walt Disney World is an institution that has changed several lives, including its 13,000 employees, the locals of Orlando who have flourished due to rise of tourism in the area, and of course the visitors of the theme parks who are motivated to dream big through the magnanimous offerings of the park. Walt Disney World is not only an inspiration to the plethora of theme parks that have emerged in Orlando past its success including the SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Legoland, Magic Kingdom and so on, it is an inspiration to every business that has ever aspired to be successful. The travelling community is an essential pillar that helps develop harmony and understanding between different parts of the world. It is essential that travellers continue to inspire others with interesting anecdotes from their journeys, with information on different cultures and traditions, and with their brave attempts at continuing to travel, no matter how hard it sometimes become.

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