Duty-free shopping, as the name suggests, is shopping without paying duties. In simple words, stuff sold at an airport’s duty free shop is usually much cheaper as the duty is waived. Mostly, duty free shops are located in the Departures area and one can visit these shops after clearing security check and before boarding. However, there are exceptions. For instance, the duty free Fiesta Mall in the Philippines is located outside the airport.

Now, here are some essential tips for you.

Keep a Track of Exchange Rates

It has been observed that the best deals are to be found at destinations with a weaker currency than the place you are coming from or going to. Makes sense!


Be Aware of the Rules in the Country you are going to

Different countries have different price limits upon the duty free goods you bring in. Also, some items may be banned altogether in certain countries. So, make sure that you don’t get into trouble unwittingly.

Duty Free Shopping Outside Airports

Again, you need to be aware of the countries offering this facility. For instance, in Singapore, you may shop anywhere but you will get back the VAT amount after you check-in at the airport to depart. You just need to show the receipts.

The Concept of Inbound Duty Free

In some countries, duty free shops are located in the zone right before one goes through customs. Some of these countries are Australia, China, India, Iceland, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Higher Priced Items Offer Big Savings

It’s commonsense that you would make paltry savings on a dirt cheap product. Also, consider things with a high duty fee, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Look for High Traffic International Airports

You stand better chances of bagging good deals at such airports as they have a higher number of international travellers. Naturally, duty-free shops at such airports are established to tap into a high number of prospective customers.

Keep your Receipts Handy

Keep the receipts of all the shopping you do close at hand. This way, you will be able to swiftly clear customs or security. Imagine, having to rummage through your suitcase to find a scrap of paper!

What to Buy?

Well, this depends from country to country. For instance, Japan is good for electronics, while Italy and France offer good deals on branded clothes and accessories.

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