If you thought Dubai was all about towering skyscrapers and ultra-luxury malls and resorts, let us introduce to you Hatta. Located just 115kms away amidst the rugged Hajjar Mountains, this picturesque little town boasts astounding natural scenery and an exceptional ability to provide an authentic Emirati encounter. A preferred hotspot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Dubai city, Hatta has an array of wonderful and unique experiences in store of tourists. Here we list a few of them:

Mountain Biking

Establish a connect with the rugged terrain of Hatta, marked by meandering pathways and stunning ‘wadis’ on a mountain bike, and take home an experience that will be etched in your memory for years to come. The Hatta Mountain Bike Trails, covering a distance of 50kms, invite adventure lovers to discover the lush surroundings, following trails that are designed for bikers at varying levels of proficiency. You can take up a challenge alone or plan a group ride with your friends and family, stopping at breathtaking sites for photographs and swimming in the natural pools. For added thrill, visit during one of the endurance challenges, professional races and amateur events that are consistently held here.


Connecting a number of significant tourist attractions in the beautiful Hatta town, the Hatta Hiking project covers a distance of 9kms, starting at the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre and continuing through Hatta Heritage Village. The hikers are lured by the promise of a hiking opportunity along the winding wadis and against the dramatic backdrop of the Hajar Mountains. Be prepared to be stunned by astounding beauty of the three dams and a number of lush farms that you will cross on your way. With further plans in place for three different mountain trails and a 3km flatland trail catering to beginners and experienced hikers, as well as those who are less physically able, the Hatta Hiking Project is sure to catch fancy of hikers from around the world.


For relief from the scorching Dubai sun, make your way to the impressive Hatta Lake, boasting turquoise waters. The lake is formed by the massive Hatta Dam and remains surrounded by majestic mountains. A Kayaking expedition here will lead visitors to passages, opening up to beautiful sights as well as revealing native flora and fauna. As you ride across the waters, enveloped by the stunning natural scenery, a sense of calm and relief is sure to wash over.


A gem carefully tucked away from the curious eyes of tourists, Hatta promises a glimpse into mesmerising natural scenery, punctured by craggy mountains, placid lakes, gushing dams and picturesque villages. A sightseeing opportunity here means smooth transition from a desert landscape to rolling farmlands, imposed upon by dramatic mountains. Some of the popular attractions to feature on tourist trails include the Hatta Dam, the Hatta Heritage Village, an old fort, a mosque as well as two quaint watchtowers. The local museum housed by the Hatta Heritage Village offers a peek into the traditional Emirati way of life by showcasing art, architecture and relics from the past.

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