Like everywhere else, change is the only constant in the travel world too. If you haven’t kept yourself updated on the latest news from the travel world, here are a few things that you might find useful while planning your travels in 2018:

The Ban on Smart Luggage

The smart suitcases, like the name suggests, charge devices, offer GPS tracking feature, have the ability to be locked remotely and can be ridden through the terminal on the airport. No wonder quite a few savvy travellers had been quick to grab themselves smart suitcases. But the bad news is that citing security reasons many airlines have banned smart suitcases on their flights starting this year and many others are well on their way to do so. Some of the airlines that no longer allow you to travel with smart luggage include American Airlines, Qantas as well as Virgin Australia.

New Safety Measures at the Great Barrier Reef

In 2016, the number of fatalities around the Great Barrier Reef, Australia crossed the double of the annual average. Given the condition, additional safety measures for diving and snorkelling have been initiated at the reef. Some of the precautionary measures include signing of declarations by people that say they are entering an ‘at risk’ area before they enter the reef. The divers will also be required to wear floatation devices as well as colour-coded clothes that will make it easier to spot them under the water.

Traffic around the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup

Unless you have been living under the rocks, you know that Britain’s Prince Harry is all set to marry American actress Meghan Markle on 19th May, 2018. The ceremony will be held in Berkshire at the Windsor Castle and is expected to see patrolling by police officers in large numbers. The celebrations are also expected to halt a few things in the capital city of London. Coincidentally, the famous English Football Association Challenge Cup is also scheduled to be held around the same time. If you intend to travel to the UK, especially England around the time, make sure you have your reservations in place before hand.

New Security Procedure at the US Airports

Starting from January, all American travellers flying by air will need “Real ID-compliant” license or a similar document. This is expected to cause confusion at least in the implementation phase at all US airports. This can affect international travellers in the form of longer queues and delay in the check-in process at the US airports.

Football World Cup 2018 in Russia

English and Russian fans had violent clashes during the Euro 2016, which has resulted in the tightening of security around the Football World Cup, 2018 in Russia. It is said that the security will be so tight that fans won’t even be allowed to chant in streets in support of their teams. Strict action is promised against mischief-mongers and law-breakers. If you are travelling to Russia for the World Cup 2018, make sure you read well on the security rules so that you don’t find yourself in an unfortunate and unwanted situation.

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