Looking for an exciting holiday experience but don’t want to spend a bomb? Here are four stunning holiday destinations around the world which promise a bang for your buck!


If forests, wildlife, waterfalls and jungle safaris excite you more than the sun, sea and sands, Zimbabwe is the place you should be heading to.  Zimbabwe, despite its high game spotting chances is still secluded and untouched in comparison to other African countries flocked by tourist masses. The ruined ancient city of Great Zimbabwe in Masvingo with its magnificent 2000 acres offers unmatched photography opportunities. Travellers interested in turning a few history and culture pages during holidays can explore 13,000-year old rock art sites in Matobo. A day spent swimming, fishing and trekking at the gorgeous Victoria Falls will leave you with a thousand pleasant memories.

Sri Lanka

Described as the ‘Most beautiful island in the world’ by Marco Polo, Sri Lanka is nothing short of a paradise when it comes to an island holiday. Beaches, jungle safaris, spiritual temples, elephant sanctuaries, tea gardens, and hill stations – the country has got everything required to woo the travellers! Sri Lanka’s treasure chest of ancient Buddhist temples, monuments and ruins of royal cities near Kandy will take you on an impressive cultural trip. Magnificent vistas and sun drenched landscapes during the train journey from Kandy to Ella compel you to forget all the worries of the world. In fact, many travellers agree to the fact that travelling by trains in Sri Lanka is not only affordable but a fascinating way to explore the country.



India’s golden triangle consisting of Delhi-Agra-Jaipur travel route is probably one of the most famous travel trails in the world. But there’s more, much more to the country. Perhaps India has a piece each from every part of the world. Pondicherry, with its beautiful French architecture looks similar to a French town; Bangalore resembles the millennial style and culture of America’s Silicon Valley; Goa reflects the partying spirit of Cancun, Mexico; and so on. You can also choose to spend time doing nothing on a traditionally built houseboat floating over Kerala’s beautiful backwaters. Ayurvedic massages in the holy towns of Rishikesh and Haridwar soothe your body and soul. If you have not been to India yet, you have missed on a wonderfully chaotic holiday destination.


Many travellers know Indonesia because of its exotic Bali Islands. But the country is merely not limited to that. Eight stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the outstandingly built 9th century Buddhist temple Borbudar, located in different parts of Indonesia await travelling explorers. Indonesia is also home to Ijen volcano, the only volcano in the world with blue lava. The island country has equally excellent culinary delights too. Though you can always head to plush restaurants serving brilliant food but trying street food here is a must for a quintessential Indonesian holiday experience. Don’t miss visiting the Komodo islands, home to the creature closest to dinosaurs in the present eco-system.

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