Canada is a country jam packed with scores of diverse breathtaking sights, mesmerizing sounds and aromatic smells. Gargantuan tracts of panoramic landscapes compete for attention with the forward-looking thriving Canadian cities. Eternal shopping attractions, plethoric venturesome activities, incredible wildlife, delectable cuisines, cloud-kissing mountains, emerald blue ocean and a pulsating nightlife, all this beckon even the most discerning of tourists to hop on to flights to Canada.

The eclectic European charm of the vibrant Eastern Canada cities rivals for attention with the striking countryside views of western Canada. While Northern Canada is well-known for its wildlife viewing, Southern Canada is immensely popular for eternal vacation possibilities. Almost every nook and cranny of Canada unveils some enigma to bewitch its visitors. This awe-inspiring country bestows bountiful attractions to lure back travellers taking Canada flights’ tickets.

Important Tourist Destinations in Canada

Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec City, Victoria, Calgary, Ottawa

Important Statistics

Location: Canada is bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean; by Baffin Bay and Davis Strait on the northeast, which separates it from Greenland; by the Atlantic Ocean on the east; by the United States on the south; and by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska on the west.

Time Zone: UTC – 3.5 to -8 / Summers (DST) UTC – 2.5 to -7

Capital: Ottawa

Largest City: Toronto

Government: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

Area: (9,984,670 sq km) (approx)

Population: 33,647,989 (2009 Estimate)

Currency: Canadian dollar ($) (CAD) is the official currency of Canada and is divided into 100 cents. Calling Code: +1

Official Language(s): English and French

Religion: Roman Catholic – 43%, Protestant – 23%, other Christians – 4%, Muslim – 1%, unspecified – 11%

Visa information: For information about obtaining visa for Canada, British Nationals can visit the FCO website at or contact the relevant authorities.

Culture and Lifestyle

Canada is a wonderful cultural mosaic with a hotchpotch of diverse ethnicities. The vibrant culture of Canada has hugely been influenced by European cultures and lifestyle, especially British and French.

With multi-ethnic denizens, communal concord, superb health care system, high educational standards, appealing natural vistas, popular hotel chains and majestic airports, Canada’s lifestyle ranks as one of the most desirable lifestyles. Here are some additional pointers on social conventions in Canada.

  • Outward displays of racism, sexism, or homophobia is contemptuous in Canada.
  • Canadians dislike assuming positions or cultures based on identifiable signs.
  • Canadians rarely invite opinions on the complicated Canadian-American relationship.
  • Canadians consider the word ‘Eskimo’ derogatory.

For further tips on travelling to Canada or destination travel advice, check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

Best Time to Visit Canada

The unique latitude and topography has made the climate of Canada extensively diverse. While the summers are generally warm and sunny, the winters are long and harsh.

Summer is the peak travel season with sunny days and pleasant nights persuading a huge influx of tourists to take flights to Canada. Unsurprisingly, air fares and hotel tariffs increase manifold during this time.

The shoulder months particularly September and October are best time for travellers on shoe string budgets. Unsurprisingly, numerous travel agencies offer all-inclusive package deals with dirt cheap air tickets during this period.

During winters one can find numerous airlines offering cheap flights to Canada. It is the best time to visit the country to enjoy amazing snow-sports and get the best of holiday deals with cheap hotels and copious low cost flights.

Popular Airlines to Canada

There are plentiful options to grab airline tickets for this destination as numerous airlines offer direct flights, full service and cheap flights to Canada. Here are a few options to choose from.

Travel Tips for Holidays in Canada

Unlike other tourist destinations, Canada also has its fare share of unknown issues for travellers. Read on the following tips to plan unperturbed holidays to Canada.

  • Do not leave luggage unattended as burglary is common in tourist hotels.
  • It is standard practice to tip 12% to 15% of the bill.
  • Bring nice sturdy shoes and wind/water repellent clothes if contemplating trip to the Rockies in the winter.
  • Do not indulge or partake in exploring the large degree of regionalism in Canada.
  • Avoid outdoor activities if the conditions become cold beyond the thermometer reading. Likewise, avoid driving during heavy snowfalls.
  • Prefer all-inclusive package holidays to Canada instead of looking for discount flights and cheap hotels separately.
  • Get comprehensive travel insurance cover well in advance.
  • Do not attempt to drive when drunk; this may result in severe penalties including huge fines and deportation as it is a Criminal Code offence here.
  • Do not partake in drugs or drug-trafficking, this may result to imprisonments from 20 years to life.
  • Be aware of not smoking in public as most Canadian provinces have banned all indoor smoking in public places.

Emergency Helpline

In Canada, the emergency services can be reached by dialling 911 (firemen / police / ambulances). However, *677 connects to the Provincial Police within the province of Ontario and *4141 links to the Surete du Quebec in the province of Quebec.

Money Exchange

Money exchange facilities are available in all major airports and banks. Besides, there are licensed money changers operating out of the major shopping precincts.

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