In the world of globalisation where the possibilities are unimaginable, the travel bug has bitten many. Add to it the hefty supply of glossy tourist magazines featuring ‘best luxury resorts in the world’, and ‘the most exotic locations’, the wanderlust becomes all too urgent. The flipside is not all of us want to explore the world sitting inside a posh resort, sipping our exquisite cocktails, some of us want to go out there, and explore the cultures and traditions of local places, and interact with locals on a backpack. And then there are some of us who still have pending bills from the last quarter. But should any of this deter us from travelling? Absolutely not!


Here are your top five options for budget backpacking throughout the world:

Fiji Islands

Against the popular notion, Fiji is one of the most affordable destinations in the Pacific, if only you know how to look for the most affordable hotels. The Yasawa Islands in Fiji is lined up with cheap accommodation options for backpackers and budget travellers. The public transportation is cheaper than anywhere else in the Pacific. Relaxing at pristine beaches and diving at natural spots that are found in abundance here are some of the activities that will cost you no money. The seafood is found in plenty and you can grab a snack for as less as $2.


Its magnificent temples and wondrous caves are not the only things that put Cambodia high up on a budget traveller’s wish list. The country is one of the most affordable in Southeast Asia, and also pleases its visitors with its warm hospitality. While renting an air-conditioned room can cost you as high as $50 even in the economical Southeast Asia, in Cambodia you can rent an AC room for as less as $20. For $2 you can get a whole meal whereas $20 can get you transportation for anywhere in Cambodia.


For the sheer amount of diversity it promises its visitors, whether in terms of food, accommodation and places to visit, India is a budget traveller’s best bet. The country is a Mecca for long backpacking trips through its mountains, deserts, beaches and plains. Every region of India has an abundance of food delicacies, each different from the other yet delectable all the same. If you don’t insist on drinking every day of your stay, eating Western food and staying at a high end hotel, $50 a day is a grand budget for your stay in India.


A surprising entry on this list, Australia is pretty affordable for backpacking, if you do your research well. Though, the surge in tourism has led to most experiences turning expensive, initiatives like work exchange are ample here and make for one of the most interesting ways to explore the land down under. Besides, there are plenty of cheap domestic flight options to travel within the country if you make advance bookings. Many cities have free public transport systems as also free camping opportunities. Renting the apartments of locals in Australia is sometimes way cheaper than booking an AirBnB or a hotel.


Thailand is probably one of those places that every budget traveller has on their wish list, and there’s a good reason for it. Anywhere you go in Thailand, you will be able to find cheap guesthouses, street stalls, bars as well as free experiences that contain the essence of the city, and remain occupied by travellers from around the world. Inspirational because of its vibrant energy, Thailand is a place that fuels the passion for travelling, and is more tolerable of travellers than any other place in the world, a fact that backpackers appreciate the most.

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