With summer on its way out, it’s time to start planning for your next vacation. If you would like to escape the bone-chilling winters in the UK this year in favour of warm and sun-filled foreign locales, we have rounded up for you just the perfect winter sun destinations from across the globe. Here goes:



Plenty of factors go in favour of seeking the winter sun in Thailand. The Fareast country offers a diverse range of attractions –beaches, mountains, temples and more, maintains a warm temperature all through the year and can accommodate the budget traveller as well as it can cater to luxury seekers. The remote jungles, idyllic islands and the stunning corals all present an excellent opportunity for exploration. Culture and history seekers can take a tour of Thailand’s popular temples, shopaholics can raid the bustling markets, beachcombers can claim the pristine beaches whereas adventurers can sign up for underwater activities in the warm waters of Thailand.


Cure your winter blues in the dazzling Dubai, claiming the outdoors, including the warm waters of the beaches. An array of concerts and events as well as festivals luring people to spend time under the clear, blue sky are organised in Dubai during the time when the UK is suffering the winter blues. One can sign up for a desert adventure in the vast expanses of the Arabian Peninsula, shop at Dubai’s mega-malls, attempt daredevil stunts from some of the world’s tallest buildings or attend one of the  local sporting events in the country. If you would rather soak in the sun before you return home, choose a restaurant at the Dubai Creek or a beach at the man-made island to camp and enjoy your days.


USA’s ‘’Sunshine State’’ presents the perfect antidote to the mind-numbing winters of the UK. Boasting a coastline of over 1350 miles, Florida is where the perfect beach is just around the corner. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida keys and Jacksonville are the usual tourist favourites but one can also travel to the lesser-known but equally alluring Sanibel, Captiva and Amelia Islands. Children can be shown the time of their life at one of the many theme parks of Orlando. Between mangrove islands, wild wetlands and artist colonies, you have plenty to be basking under the tropical sun.


Taghazout in Morocco is not only one of the best surfing destinations in the world; it is also UK travellers’ preferred place to come looking for the winter sun. Boasting a laid-back vibe, this quaint fishing village has everything you would need to feel warm up to your bones. The pristine beaches are touched by rolling waves, a string of world-class cafes and restaurants dominate the shores and yoga classes are on offer at many places in the village. Besides Panorama beach and Paradise Valley are also excellent places to go looking for a great time in Morocco.


A winter sun classic, the tiny island of Barbados has long been a British favourite for its promise of eternal tropical sunshine. The fine-powder beaches and warm, inviting waters are just one of its many delights. Tourists can enjoy many lush gardens and acres of sugar-cane fields, a vibrant nightlife culture and a range of UNESCO World Heritage Sites here. One cannot miss the excellent surfing opportunities here and as well as a chance to discover abundant underwater life at its magnificent corals.

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