The Philippines is a land of incredible natural bounties including numerous impressive waterfalls, each with a unique charm. The waterfalls here are shrouded with interesting folklore and are considered sacred, presenting a fun way to learn about the people and culture in this country.

Limunsudan Falls, Iligan City

With a height of 872 feet, Limunsudan Falls is reputed to be the second highest waterfall in the Philippines. This two-tiered waterfall is located in the jungles of Barangay Rogongon and can be accessed after a trek of two or three days from Barangay Rogongon. Visitors would be amazed by the virgin beauty of the falls. Moreover, the falls are very sacred among the Higaonon where they worship their god called Magbabaya.

Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna

Also known as Cavinti Falls, Pagsanjan Falls is a three-drop waterfall, drawing nature enthusiasts from all over the world. The fall is well-known for its grandeur and can be accessed by hiking or canoeing from Cavinti. A bamboo raft takes you right across to the actual waterfall and to the Devil’s Cave situated behind it. The sound of the water when it cascades down is extremely loud and you get to appreciate the full ferocity and power of it as you pass through the fall!

Tinago Falls, Iligan City

Located in Iligan City which is called the ‘City of Majestic Waterfalls’, Tinago Falls amaze visitors with their crystal-clear blue waters. The water dropping in many streams into a captivating blue basin gives the entire atmosphere a dramatic appearance. The waterfall lagoon of the falls is very swimmable, and you need to descend around 500 steps to get to the fall. You can also ride a raft through the watery curtain to experience the thrill of exploring this incredible beauty.

Maria Cristina Falls, Lanao del Norte

Popular as the landmark of Iligan City, Maria Cristine Falls are separated by a rock at the brink of the waterfall. Also known as the ‘twin falls’ – one is called Maria and the other is called Cristina – it is a majestic and powerful fall found in the highlands of Mindanao. Though you can visit the falls only on Sundays or during holidays when the hydroelectric plant closes for an hour, the majestic beauty of the falls makes it worth it.

Asik-Asik Falls, Cotabato

Ranked among the most spectacular falls in the country, Asik-Asik Falls are known for their lush curtain of streaming water. Up to 25 metre high and 140 metre wide, the fall is a unique series of waterfalls. You can opt for a hike or a thrilling motor cycle ride to get to the falls. Also known as Dulao Falls, the falls are located in the lower slope of Mount Ragang and have a subterranean river as their source. What makes the falls magical is the white water that appears from a hidden ravine!

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