Not many places on earth can match the contrastive attributes of the islands that form the country of Philippines. Booking tickets on flights to the destination allows travellers to enter the uniquely diverse world of experiences.


Much has been said about the ‘over 7000’ islands that collectively form one of the most diverse and interesting tourist destinations in the world- the Philippines. What travellers look forward to when they board flights to Philippines are the treasures that these islands have nurtured for ages. The list here includes some of the best offerings of the nation that may come handy for those who plan to book tickets to Philippines for a memorable holiday.

It All Starts With Modern Manila

After the long-haul flights from the UK to Manila, most tourists are in dire need of some refreshment before they can muster the courage to embark on their endless explorations of the islands. This is when the capital city of Manila, with its colonial architecture and buoyant masses, makes its appearance as a delightfully welcoming host. Be it strolling amidst the historically significant walls of Intramuros or the celebrated lawns of the Rizal Park, or savouring some authentic Chinese goodies at Binondo – Manila seldom falls short of attractions to captivate its visitors. Once satisfied with city charms, tourists may head towards the Manila Bay to witness some of the brilliant displays of marine life, volcanic peaks, bountiful coral reefs and plush mangroves.

Yes! Beaches Coming-Up Right Away at Boracay

Air tickets to Philippines are extremely popular, all thanks to the velvety soft and sandy beaches of Boracay! It is no wonder that Boracay never ceases to dominate every beach-bummers’ dreams of a gorgeously secluded and at the same time, delightfully engaging beach holiday. Teeming with a plethora of marine wonders, Boracay is also visited by water-sports enthusiasts and naturalists who disembark their domestic flights at the Kalibo Airport before hopping on a boat that carries them to the pristine shores of the divinely beautiful island.

Find Your Sweet Tooth – Chocolate Hills of Bohol

How often does one get to see hundreds of moulds of chocolate? In Bohol – very often! Swarms of tourists, who book tickets to Philippines, visit Bohol to marvel at the fascinating phenomenon of nature. The green hills turn chocolate brown during the dry season, making them seem like large spread of chocolate mounds! The island of Bohol is also an eye-opener when it comes to delving upon the contrast of the colonial past of the nation and the present day occupational indulgences of its people. Various architectural remnants of the Spanish rule standing amidst the rolling slopes of rice fields speckled with primitive-styled settlements make up for a stunning picture, one that gets imprinted on the minds of one and all.

Smile Back at Mother Nature and Her Elements- Palawan

The guides and travelogues that tourists read about before booking flights to the islands of Philippines start making sense at the first glimpse of Palawan. Famous for the coveted title of the ‘best island destination in the East and Southeast Asia’ (as noted by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine), the island of Palawan retains its stature by nurturing its unbelievably diverse and proliferating ecosystems. Boasting of places like the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean National Park and the Tubbataha Reef National Park, the Calauit Game Preserve and Ursula Island, Palawan offers endless activities like water-sports, game viewing and natural excursions.

Break the Spell with a Dash of Urbanization- Cebu

After the generous doze of nature and its multifarious facets, it would definitely take some pondering to book tickets to go back home. Acclimatizing with the urban facet of Philippines may serve as a pacifying antidote. And Cebu City, with its elegant architectural attractions like the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, Casa Gorordo Museum and Fort San Pedro, captivates visitors with its idyllic charm and brings them a step closer to the present times. Cebu is also the place where people meet for music, food, entertainment and business. Exploring the city is one way of getting a grip over the thriving aspect of the Filipino culture and society.

For all travellers who are proud of their wandering minds, buy air tickets and fly to Philippines, to give them some ground to explore, enhance and enrich!!

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