With the currency of Turkey sliding down to an all-time low, and settling at around nine lira to a British pound, holidaymakers can look forward to an economical holiday in the country this year. As the cost of holiday packages is expected to see a slump so is the cost of eating out, sightseeing and shopping in the country, it is time to revel in culture and stunning landscapes of the country including pristine beaches and majestic mountains.

Need more reasons to visit this splendid country, we give you five:

Turkey Has a Rich History

Luckily for tourists, Turkey has been touched as well as shaped by influences from Greeks, Romans and Ottomans. The rich legacy is evident in many amazing architectural wonders of the country. Some of the places that you absolutely cannot miss visiting include the ancient cities of Ephesus, Side and Aizanoi, the Antalya Museum, the ruins of Aphrodisias, Anadoluhisari fortress, the Blue Mosque, Alanya Castle and Topkapi Palace amongst many others. You can take long guided walks and learn about ancient legends and myths during your exploration of these incredible places.

You Can Sunbathe at Pristine Beaches

A staggering 5200 miles of coastline ensures that the country is home to some very stunning beaches. The average sea temperature of 77F (25C), especially in the summer months, also makes taking a dip in the ocean a very pleasant experience. Patara beach has the honour of being the longest as well as the most beautiful beach in the country. The waters are shallow and waves surfable here. Some of the other popular beaches can be found around the Ölüdeniz lagoon, the Bodrum Peninsula, Kalkan, Antalya and in the quaint town of Side.

You Can Rejuvenate King/Queen-Style in Ancient Hammams

A gift of the Ottoman Empire to Turkey, hammams, popular as ‘Turkish Baths’, are commonplace across the country, especially in capital city of Istanbul. Similar to a sauna, a hamman involves hot and cold air and water treatment as well as a relaxing massage. Some of the most popular hammams in Istanbul include names such as Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamam, Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam, Four Seasons at the Bosphorus, The Istanbul EDITION Hammam amongst many others.

Turkey Boasts a Great Cuisine

An amalgamation of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines, the Turkish cuisine is one of the major draws for any tourist frequenting the country. Some of the must-try dishes include fresh fish, kofta, halloumi, kebaps, simit, yogurt, kahvalti, baklava, pide, turşu amongst many others. Some of the best restaurants to try these dishes in Istanbul include names such as Antiochia, Çiya Sofrası, Zübeyir Ocakbaşı, Karaköy Güllüoğlu as well as Pare Baklava Bar.

Turkey Is a Shopper’s Paradise

A shopaholic’s haven, Turkey’s bustling markets sell an array of unique souvenirs that can make for great gifts to the self or friends and relatives. Some of the top things to buy in Turkey include Turkish carpets and rugs, Turkish Delight dates, Turkish tea and glasses, Nargile Pipes, The Blue Evil Eye of Turkey as well as Turkish Mosaic Lamps amongst many other things. Though there’s plethora of small and big markets, oozing with rare finds, the best markets to go looking for your souvenir include Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Ulus in Ankara, Safranbolu as well as Çukurcuma in Istanbul.

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