Hoi An attracts travellers with its old-world charms and peaceful environs. The destination also has a historical side and many scenic beaches. All this makes it one of the most popular tourist places in Vietnam. Travellers from all over the world visit this town to relax in its peaceful, lush, and almost untouched surroundings. This quaint little place is full of centuries-old Buddhist pagodas and temples, colonial houses, and contemporary museums. Hoi An is also the home of UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites, which reflect its rich and well-preserved heritage of Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and French architecture. Read on to know about the top reasons to visit Hoi An.

Pristine Beaches

The pristine and stunning beauty and a wide variety of water sporting opportunities make Hoi An a popular beach destination with travellers. The highlights of a beach holiday here are a trip to the Cham Island and the Cua Dai Beach. Feel blissful strolling around the virginal beaches of the Cham Island, also known as Cu Lao Cham. UNESCO has designated it as a World Biosphere Reserve due to its rich biodiversity, which includes around 135 coral species, 202 fish species, 84 species of mollusc, and 5 species of lobsters. Cua Dai Beach is a favourite destination for most travellers coming to the country and its surroundings are full of five-star resorts. The waters of the beaches of Hoi An offer many thrilling sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and swimming.

Hoi An Central Market

Travellers must visit the Hoi An Central Market for an exotic shopping experience. Bargain to pick fabulous discounts on rich aromatic herbs and spices and vividly coloured Vietnamese silk. Many stalls offer a variety of food products including exotic fresh fruit and vegetables and local fish as well as silk clothes, souvenirs, local handicrafts, and spices.

My Son Sanctuary

Take a trip down memory lane at the UNESCO designated World Heritage Site My Son Hindu Sanctuary. The site is considered to be an important example of the ancient Champa civilization. Explore the beautiful Hindu ruins, which include several admirable stone sculptures, temples, and towers in forests. Marvel at the architecture of a royal burial ground and the more than 70 structures of Hindu gods and goddesses here.

Japanese Covered Bridge

The Japanese Covered Bridge is one of the most popular attractions in Hoi An. This 18th century structure reflects traditional Japanese architecture. As you explore the bridge, marvel at the sculptures of two dogs and two monkeys signifying Chinese years here. The bridge was renovated in 1986 to take care of damages including restoration of an arch, which was flattened to enable cars to cross the bridge. The Japanese Covered Bridge is considered to be an iconic symbol of Hoi An.

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