Blessed by phenomenal natural beauty, Tunisia is a welcoming country in North Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert. Be it the beautiful beaches, the vast Sahara dunes or the historic landmarks, everything here is a treat for holiday makers who come in from different parts of the world.

Here are top tourist attractions to visit and explore in Tunisia:


A picture-perfect beach escape, Djerba is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea situated off the coast of Tunisia. It is one of the best ecological destinations in the world, bursting with cultural richness and a unique architectural theme. The island is visited by a large number of people every year. Most of the beaches on the island are privately owned by resort hotels. Besides beaches, the island town of Houmt Souk is the major highlight of Djerba.

Bardo National Museum

A jewel of Tunisian heritage, Bardo National Museum is one of the most prominent museums in the Mediterranean region situated in the suburbs of Le Bardo. Located in an old Beylic palace dating back to the 19th century, it is home to one of the world’s most significant mosaic collections. Here, you also get the chance to discover a rich collection of Punic jewels and a gallery of Christian baptisteries and Roman sarcophaguses. The major highlight of the museum is a Roman ship’s cargo wrecked off the coast of Cape Africa, overlooking the town of Mahdia.

Sidi Bou Said

Located around 20 km from the capital, Tunis, Sidi Bou Said is a beautiful town in northern Tunisia amazing visitors with its picturesque appeal. This cliff top village is known for its distinctive blue and white architecture and is a sight to behold. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, it presents an absolutely phenomenal view and is home to a large number of artistic buildings and streets. Besides the nature’s bliss, a number of captivating cafes, art shops, and souvenir shops in the town are a treat to explore.

Medina of Tunis

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Medina of Tunis is one of the most famed traditional sites in Tunisia. Situated in a fertile plain region of north-eastern Tunisia, it is one of the first Arabo-Muslim towns of the Maghreb visited by many tourists from across the globe. Home to around 700 monuments including mosques, palaces, madrasas, mausoleums and fountains dating from the Hafsid and the Almohad periods, the town truly amazes the history buffs.


Founded by the Phoenician Queen Elissa in 814 BCE, Carthage is an ancient city to explore in Tunisia. Situated on the north coast of Africa, it was once the major rival of Rome. This city of the Phoenician periods was the base of a powerful trading empire spread across the entire south Mediterranean. Surrounded by gardens packed with purple bougainvillea and red hibiscus blossoms, the villas in the city are a delight to explore. Carthage Museum and a number of Roman Sites are some of the must-visits here.

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