Trekking, mountain biking, surfing, desert safari and camping – offering all this and more – Morocco, it seems, is meant for adventure junkies. This article offers a rundown of three most exhilarating pursuits one may relish in this African country.


The wonderful thing about Morocco, besides its sun-soaked beaches, rich cultural heritage and scrumptious food (the list can be extended), is a staggering array of enthralling adventures. With mighty mountain ranges, straggling desert and rocky shoreline making up most of its ecology, Morocco is a thrill seeker’s paradise. Naturally, it promises a real showdown of adrenaline-gushing adventures in its various corners. Be it, climbing the awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains or voyaging through the curvy Saharan expanses aboard a ‘ship of the desert’ (read camel), adrenaline junkies always find Morocco worth much more than what they spend on flights and holiday deals to the destination. Here are some exhilarating pursuits in the region.

Desert Safari in Erg Chigaga

Erg Chigaga’s undulating sand sea is bewitchingly beautiful, and a desert safari here on a camel or in a 4WD, makes for a surreal experience. Witness the magical beauty of the curvy sand dunes as well as harsher hammada before heading up to a Berber community tribe to sample their nomadic lifestyle! The glittering charm of this great desert comes alive with a greater intensity at dusk, when the sun lights up the dunes, making them shine like gold. Above all, you don’t need technical skills or training to experience this thrill. All that you need is to book a desert safari package with a reputed local agency, preferably at the time of reserving your flight tickets to Morocco.

The Atlas Mountains Trek

One of the most naturally fascinating regions in Morocco, the Atlas Mountains has long been beckoning adrenaline junkies from far and wide. Trekking here needs great physical fitness and endurance; however it makes for an unforgettable experience. Along the valleys, summits and traditional villages goes the trail with panoramic views and cool mountainous breeze keeping you company along the way. Stop over a hilly village to meet the locals and enjoy their interesting culture and cuisines! Head on at a leisure pace, to allow you enough time to soak in the surrounding natural beauty and that omnipresent serenity.

Mountain Biking in Jebel Saghro

Mountain Biking in Jebel Saghro is not as easy as it sounds, but the rewards are huge, which set hordes of adventure-junkies on a quest to visit this part of Morocco. The exhilaration begins right from the moment you kick off the journey. And while on the bike, you will be tackling hairpin bends and white-knuckle descents through Jebel Saghro’s flat-topped mesas and deep gorges. Sounds heart-throbbing? Well, there’s more thrill in store off the road as well. Head to the black tents of Aït Atta, a semi-nomadic tribe renowned for its epic battle against the giant French Force in 1933! Even today, you can see the site strewn around with spent cartridges.

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