Being a peninsula, Malaysia is very popular for beaches and the diverse yet indigenous flora and fauna found in the tropical forests here. Discover some of the rarest species of plants, flowers, birds and insects, securely living in their natural habitats across more than 30 national parks. Ever since the Truly Asia campaign, Malaysia is being visited by countless nature lovers, travel enthusiasts, backpackers, and soul searchers. Malaysia’s 3/4th land area is covered with greenery and is home to many species of animals. Take a look at three highly popular forests in Malaysia.

Taman Negara National Park

Built in the year 1938 and spanning across an area of around 4,344 sq km, Taman Negara is the largest and the oldest nature reserve in the country. Blooming with thousands of rare species of flora and fauna, walking through these forests can be a really enticing experience. Taman Negara National Park is well connected by water as well as road and offers a plethora of various kinds of adventure and recreational activities. Some of the most exciting things to do in these woods include walking on the world’s longest canopy walkway, trekking, bird watching, fishing, rapid shooting, caving, camping, etc.

Kinabalu National Park

Set in the vicinity of Mt Kinabalu, this widespread vegetation is spread across an area of 754 sq km. This nature reserve was established in the year 1964, and is home to around 5000 different species of flora and fauna. Kinabalu National Park was declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO in 2000. Apart from trekking to the top of Mt. Kinablu, there are lots of other activities to enjoy here.

Mulu Cave National Park

Located in the state of Sarawak, the Mulu Cave National Park is most famous for its amazing cave systems. This national park is set across an area of 528.64 sq km and some of the caves here are so large that they can easily accommodate dozens of aeroplanes. This place was recognized as a World Heritage site in the year 2000 because of its abundance of natural reserves. Some of the major must see places within Mulu National Park are Sarawak Chamber, Cleanwater Cave and Mount Api.

A trip to any of these national parks will make you ponder upon the magnificence of nature. Other noteworthy forests are Bako National Park, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, Niah National Park, Penang National Park, and Endau–Rompin National Park.

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