Seychelles is an exotic island nation of 115 islands spread over the Indian Ocean. While some islands are large and majestic, there are others that are smaller coral protrusions peeping out of the sea. Seychelles is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure tourists alike. Its scenic beauty is marvellous – bright sunshine on the white sands, crystal blue waters, dense forests and fiery sunsets astound one and all. To choose the best islands for a holiday from so many islands is a task, but to make your task easy, here is our pick of the top three must-visit islands of Seychelles.

Islands in Seychelles


Mahé is one of the three main and most popular islands of Seychelles, with Praslin and La-Digue being the other two. The island of Mahé, which is 27km long and 7km wide, is the biggest of all the islands. Mahé is home to Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, and also serves as the economic and political centre of the entire island nation. Although it has the highest number of residents among all other islands, it is well known for the beautiful surroundings and plenty of isolated corners. The island is set amidst the backdrop of a mountain range, and its highest peak, Morne Seychellois, has a height of 905 metres. There are more than 70 serene beaches and dense jungles too. Besides beaches, some of its other attractions include the Victoria market, the Botanical Garden at Mont Fleuri, Craft Village and Ste. Anne National Marine Park.


Praslin is the second largest island of Seychelles. This granitic island has breathtaking beaches but is not as mountainous as Mahe. A popular activity is to go on day excursions to its surrounding deserted islands. These are great spots for walking tours, swimming and snorkelling. The waters around these islands teem with colourful marine life. Some of the attractions here are the villages of Grand Anse, St.Pierre Island, Vallée de Mai and Café des Arts Galery.


Unlike the other two islands, La Digue has more untouched natural beauty. Travellers can reach this island by a schooner from Praslin or by a helicopter or private boat from Mahe. Inside the island, there are only traditional modes of transport such as ox-carts and bicycles. The Union Estate, a historic park, the world’s most photographed beach Anse Source d’Argent and Loutie Coco Restaurant are some of its famed attractions.

Apart from enjoying the white sandy beaches and topaz waters, tourists can also engage in amazing water sports in these warm and clear waters. Diving and snorkelling among the lively reefs, innumerable gorges, thrilling shipwrecks and vibrant coral gardens is an affair to remember. And so is exploring the exotic wildlife of the islands, with ecotourism and wildlife spotting being a popular attraction among tourists. Watching whale sharks, sea turtles in nesting grounds, giant Aldabra tortoises wandering about, tropical birds and magpie robins in their natural habitats are lifetime experiences.

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