More than 6 million years old, encompassing a length of 277 miles and width of 18 miles, the Grand Canyon attracts thousands of visitors from all over the globe. Arguably the most striking landmark of Arizona, it offers a range of activities such as rafting along the rapids of the Colorado River, hiking along the steep slopes of the canyon and aerial tours.

Things You Cant Miss in The Grand Canyon

Hiking at SouthRim 

The wonderful canyons here are perfect for some adventurous hiking. Every year, scores of amateur and professional hikers head to the South Rim to indulge in a thrilling hike through the rocky landscape. The Bright Angel Trail is the most sought after, followed by the Hermit Trail complete with rest houses and drinking water facilities. Carry sturdy shoes and lots of water and juices as the hike will truly test your endurance. 

Aerial Tour from Las Vegas

To get a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon featuring its various rims, opt for a thrilling helicopter ride from Las Vegas. Throughout the ride many spectacular sights like the pyramid of Luxor, Zuni Point and the Colorado River in all its glory will overwhelm you. The helicopter tour, after offering you lovely views of the rock formations takes you straight to the Colorado River for an exhilarating rafting experience.

You just can’t afford to miss the sunsets

There are few places other than the Grand Canyon that can match the joy of witnessing the Sun setting over the horizon. During sunset the Canyon dons a blanket of contrasting colours and shades presenting a sight to behold. Watch the sun slowly fade behind the valley and plateau while you stand marvelling at one of the most gorgeous natural wonders. To witness the most stellar views, head to Hopi Point and Yaki in the South Rim and Cape Royal in the North Rim.

Skywalk At The Grand Canyon

This Eagle Point man made architecture renders one of the best viewing experiences of the Grand Canyon. Made of see through glass floors, this horse shoe shaped walkway suspended at a daring height above the bed of a river provides uncompromising views of the entire canyon area. Since its opening in 2007, the walkway has been able to garner a lot of admiration as well as interest and draws hordes of adrenaline junkies. It is separated from Las Vegas by a distance of 120 kilometres and can be easily accessed from the Grand Canyon West Airport. The Grand Canyon Village is also located close by.

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