If you haven’t thought of a Halloween holiday before, now is the right time! Consider travelling to the spookiest places around the world, seeking some of the most frightening experiences with your family/friends and being scared to your wit’s end – recipe to a successful Halloween, we would say. So in the spirit of Halloween, pack your costumes and venture out in search of these scariest places around the world:


Stanley Hotel, USA

The staff at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado will mention that the ‘ghosts’ of the hotel are friendly and have never actually hurt anyone but that wouldn’t stop you from noticing an eerie vibe about the premises. The very inspiration for Stephen King’s famous book, The Shining and the eponymous movie, the Stanley Hotel is one of the most popular haunted sites in the world. Despite noises of laughter and music emanating from invisible sources, cupboards reportedly shutting and opening on their own, lights flickering at their will, the hotel finds many takers. Book a room here with your gang of friends (preferably 217) and give everyone a good scare this Halloween.

The Island of Dolls, Mexico

Dolls with decapitated heads and severed limbs hang all around in Xochimilco, Mexico, reminding one instantly of a James Wan movie. Except that the island in real is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a dead, little girl that island’s caretaker, Don Julian Santana Barrera, found drowned with her doll in a canal in 1950. The hundreds of dolls were put on the island by Don in the memory of the girl in the years to follow. But the story took a horrifying turn when Don himself was found drowned in the canal, apparently tortured by the spirit of the young girl. Halloween here with your friends and family is sure to send shivers down the spine.

The Screaming Tunnel, Ontario, Canada

If you have fear of tunnels, or know someone who does, the Screaming Tunnel of Ontario is just the perfect Halloween escape for experiencing the thrill of your life. Running underneath the Grand Trunk Railway lines, the tunnel is haunted by a small girl who is believed to have died in here. Legend has it that the girl ran screaming into the tunnel to escape from fire in a nearby house and if you strike a match in the tunnel at night, you can still hear the screams of the girl.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Victoria, Australia

Lying in the town of Beechworth, just a few hours outside Melbourne, the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum is believed to be haunted by ghosts of thousands of inmates who died in its premises from 1867-1995. Plan a Halloween trip to the town with your friends and pretend seeing the ghost of Matron Sharpe, a commonly seen apparition that is often spotted walking down the corridors. Make sure you take only the most resilient friends along as the trip is not for the faint-hearted.

Pluckley Village, England

For a ghostly-encounter near home, visit the Pluckley Village in Kent where ghosts of a brick-factory worker, a headmaster, an old woman and a highwayman are believed to roam around in the open. The stories associated with these deaths lend this village an eerie quality and walking here on a cold, October evening, you will surely find yourself looking over your shoulder more than once.

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