The holiday season is upon us and some of us just can’t wait to break the monotony and enjoy the festive season vacationing at another destination. While this indeed is the time of the year to celebrate, indulge and let go, it doesn’t necessarily means that we should undo all the effort we put in on our health just because we are travelling, and have the perfect excuse. Staying fit while travelling, although challenging, is one of the most gratifying habits that one can form and to help make the task easier for you, we have put together a list of top things that you can do to stay fit while travelling or on a holiday.


Exercise in the Morning

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you stay on track with your exercise plan on a holiday is to get it out of the way first thing in the morning. Because holidays involve a lot of movement between attractions for most of us, you might not feel like hitting the gym after a long day of exploration. By exercising in your hotel before you leave, you not only are well-energised to tackle the day ahead, you also make sure that you don’t leave your workout to chance.

Give Exercise Space in Your Travel Itinerary

Like we make detailed plans around the places that we intend to visit and the things that we would like to do at a destination, it is important that we accommodate exercise in our schedules well in advance too. This can be done by figuring out empty spaces in your itinerary and filling them with intense, short-interval training programs, like you could wake up before your fellow travellers or go to sleep after them.

Pack Exercise-Friendly Clothing and Accessories

Packing exercise-friendly clothing and accessories improve your chances of working out more than you can think. Choose clothing with bold motivational quotes and pack your most comfortable shoes so that you have enough motivation and no excuses to ditch your workout.

Pick Healthy Restaurants for Eating

While it is okay to indulge in a treat every once in a while; you will do you yourself a big favour not to be eating greasy food mindlessly just because you are on a vacation. Sadly, healthy food is not as readily available as junk food at most locations. Therefore, the best way to avoid eating lousy food on your holiday is by doing some research around the healthiest eating options at the place of your travel. Alternatively, you can pack some ready-to-eat healthy treats of your own to take along on your journey.

Adapt and Prepare for Exercise and Food Emergencies

It’s very rare that a holiday goes exactly as planned and envisioned. Missed trains, bad drivers, bumpy rides, unfriendly strangers, losing our belongings – we’ve all faced one or more of these situations at some point during our travels. While you can’t control everything, you certainly can ensure that you are not taken by surprise at least on the health front. In addition to packing your own food, you could also book accommodation where cooking is permitted. Carry your own ingredients or make healthy choices from the locally available ingredients to prepare your own meals. It will also do you good to think of some high intensity exercises that you can do right in your hotel room, in case you don’t have access to a gym.

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