Sri Lanka is a nature’s gift to the mankind! Flaunting serene coastal area, flowing rivers, soaring mountains, exotic wilderness – the country tops many adrenal junkies’ itineraries heading to South East Asia. Here’s a brief info on some holiday ideas for those reserving tickets to the destination.

Sri Lanka is blessed with nature’s wealth! Pristine beaches, eye soothing landscapes, gushing rivers, pulsing cascades and rich wilderness – you’ll find every necessary element at this teardrop shaped island-nation to make your holiday more rewarding. Sri Lanka tempts a good number of nature enthusiasts to look for lucrative deals on flights’ tickets to the country. Moreover, many adrenalin junkies reserve flights to Sri Lanka with a desire to gain some adventurous experience. River rafting, abseiling, trekking, cliff jumping, wildlife safaris etc. are very popular among those seeking some thrills in their vacation. Here’s a rundown to top five thrilling activities for those booking tickets on flights to the destination with a desire to get some enthralling experience.

White Water Rafting
For the travellers who wish to take a raft ride through the gushing rivers, white water rafting in the Kelani River remains one of the most favourite activities. During this five kilometre rafting expedition, sailors get a chance to get wet in the icy-cold waters of this beautiful water body and witness the spectacular sight of surroundings.

Waterfall Abseiling
Relishing the breathtaking scenery of milky white waterfall is a prerogative of investing on flights for the country! What if you get a chance to climb up the slippery rocks while abseiling under the waterfall? Undoubtedly that will be an amazing experience! And many adventure lovers are found to book tickets on flights to opt for this thrilling activity. During this three hour excursion, travellers can test their confidence level while enjoying the intense feeling of gushing water falling upon them!

Rainforest Trails
Apart from offering the opportunity to sail through the river, Kelani provides a chance to explore the verdant and dense rainforest of Sri Lanka to those who love to walk. Trekkers disembarking flights at Sri Lanka and seeking natural pursuits often head to the Kitulgala Forest Reserve. Tourists require crossing the sixty metre wide river and getting an experience of ancient time when there were no bridges to cross the large water body.

Cliff Jumping and Stream Slides
Cliff Jumping and Stream Slides Tour is another popular activity among tourists reserving tickets to this fascinating South-East Asian country. Sri Lanka boasts many natural pools that offer picturesque view and a plethora of thrilling expeditions. People taking up this tour can slide down the leaning waterfalls with safety measures, into the rugged pool. On the other hand, one can jump from a cliff into the natural pools.

Wildlife Safari
Though Sri Lanka is a small country, it possesses an exotic wildlife habitat. The nation is home to fascinating mammals like leopards, elephants, wild buffalos, sloth bears, etc. Wildlife enthusiasts are often found looking for tickets to enter the premises of sanctuaries and take a glance at rare species of Purple-faced Langur, red slender Loris and Toque Macaque. Besides, marine creatures like dolphins, blue whales and sperm whales are some of the attention grabbers that draw hordes of tourists to the destination.

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