Comprised with more than hundred islands, Seychelles is blessed with the grace of Mother Nature. Globetrotters purchasing air tickets to board flights heading to this Indian Ocean destination get puzzled with the diverse range of choices offered here.

Seychelles, a slice of heaven on the earth, promises a rewarding vacation and memories to cherish. With its supreme scenic beauty and irresistible lures, Seychelles compels thousands of leisure vacationers to book tickets on flights arriving here. Featuring some of the best beaches in the world, rich wilderness, remnants of colonial past and a really long list of ‘Things to Do’, this Indian Ocean holiday destination ranks high on the itineraries of historians, nature lovers, honeymooners, hikers as well as beachcombers. Here are few reasons why tickets on Seychelles flights vanish like greased lightning.

Vallée de Mai
Holidaymakers disembarking flights at Seychelles and seeking natural pursuits are often found in search for tickets to Vallée de Mai. Considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this nature reserve is home to a diverse range of rare flora and fauna. Nature lovers landing on flights at Mahé can purchase ferry tickets to reach here. Visitors taking a tour here get a rare chance to see the miraculous ‘coco de mer’ palms along with various species of birds, insects, mammals as well as reptiles.

Veuve Reserve
For nature enthusiasts contemplating to book air tickets to this slice of paradise to get a rewarding holiday experience, La Digue’s Veuve Reserve remains one of the most preferred tourist spots in Seychelles. Boasting plethora of diverse tourist lures, the island of La Digue entices hordes of holidaymakers every year and this nature park is one of the major one. Home to the rare Black Paradise Flycatchers, Veuve Reserve offers a memorable experience to its visitors, especially bird watchers. For travellers arriving on flights at the international airport of Seychelles a day tour to this place is recommended.

Anse Lazio
Known as the best beach destination in Seychelles, Anse Lazio features breathtaking natural marvels that are sure to give flights to one’s fancies. There are many tour operators rolling out lucrative deals on day-tour packages as well as ferry tickets to this pristine beach. Leisure travellers visiting here get an opportunity to indulge in various water sports like snorkelling, diving and sea surfing. If you want to relish the marvellous beauty of the destination without getting wet, you can unwind beneath the palm trees and witness the fantastic sight of setting sun.

Botanical Garden
The National Botanical Garden of Seychelles is another popular place frequented by those disembarking flights at this archipelago and seeking isolation from the hectic city life. Located near the international airport, this garden boasts narrow streams adorned with an unrivalled serenity. Besides, the coco de mer palms, spice plantation, giant tortoise, fruit bats and an impressive array of rare trees are some of many attention grabbers that draw a good number of visitors to buy entry tickets.

Island Hopping
Flyers booking tickets aboard flights to this Indian Ocean destination for a rewarding holiday are usually seen to indulge in various activities. Island hopping is one highly revered amongst them. Several trip organisers offer cheap deals on tickets aboard cruises and domestic flights to various islands. Mahé, La Digue and Praslin are three most popular islands of this archipelago that promise amazing experience of island-hopping.

Apart from the picture perfect beaches, exotic collection of rare flora and fauna, and pristine ocean, Seychelles also offers a gratifying holiday to those hikers who land on flights here. In fact, the capital city of this island-nation contains some beautiful hiking trails that tempt many trampers to look for deals on air tickets to the destination. Anse Major, Vallée de Mai, Copolia and Morne Blanc are few trekking paths which are most admired by novice trekkers, while Dans Gallas and Mare aux Cochons are mostly covered by the experienced ones.

Heritage Tour
Seychelles is dotted with several museums, heritage sites as well as holy shrines that draw attention of holidaymakers who reserve tickets on flights heading to the destination. The Clock Tower is one of the most prominent tourist lures of the island. Inspired by London’s famous Clock Tower, this campanile was brought here in the beginning of 90’s. Besides, a trip to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Old Courthouse, Anglican Church and Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Mosque is highly recommended for the culturally inclined tourists holidaying here, before boarding flights back home.

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