Seychelles, a leading holiday destination on the Indian Ocean has for long been a prominent choice amongst global art lovers. Every year scores of visitors take tickets on flights to this island-country to bask in the glory of intricately designed studios and art galleries.

As gorgeous as heaven and as spellbinding as nature’s magnificence, Seychelles prides itself with a dreamlike setting. This charming archipelago is dotted with some of the world’s most scenic beaches, lush hills, exotic wildlife and massive boulders which are enough to set global holidaymakers on a mad quest to grab flights tickets to Seychelles. However, holidaymakers how reserve tickets aboard flights to the destination do themselves the world of good as besides experiencing the amazing bliss on this nature’s land, they can even enjoy a rare prerogative of exploring the art and cultural treasure of this island-country. Seychelles is certainly the right stopover to behold world’s inheritance and artistic side which is reflected in its incredible galleries and museums. Here is a window to the most prominent art galleries and studious of the region.

Michael Adams Studios

No art lover landing in flights terminating at Seychelles can consider the holiday without unless visiting the Michael Adams Studios. Famed as one of the leading art galleries in the world, this property is owned by Michael Adams, a much celebrated painter given an MBE by Queen Elisabeth. His distinct style is hieroglyphic realism that entirely focuses on people in landscape and he even specialises in colourfast watercolours and silkscreen prints of people, land, watercolour paintings, line blocks, calendars, seascapes and postcards. Some of his well renowned works are on permanent exhibition at Fregate Island Villas.

Sheila Markham

Located strategically in a conventional building by the seashore in Baie Sainte Anne, Sheila’s art gallery make air tickets to Seychelles sell like hot cakes. The property displays unique and original acrylic paintings and prints of Sheila Markham along with sculptures made from newspaper and cardboard boxes, drawings, collages and cards. The artist in her works completely desires to express a distinct sense of humour and tranquil by painting typical Seychellois images. The gallery even features a small coffee-shop that allows the visitors to relish the local flavours of Seychelles.

Kaz Zanana

This is probably the best place in the entire Seychelles to view wonderful pieces by George, a Seychellois artist whose artwork covers an enormous range of media and subject. This beautiful wooden Creole style café and gallery tops the travel itineraries of travellers who net tickets aboard flights to this island-country for a cultural vacation. The artwork on display here includes etchings, paintings, embossed copper work, ‘objet trouves’ and canvas collages which promise great power and presence.

Barbara Jenson Studio

Situated on the main route to Anse Source d’Argent, the beautiful beach side studio of Barbara Jenson is a small yet friendly and lively place where the artist shows her work. The gorgeous work she produces is presented in water colour and acrylic on paper and canvas, distinctive varnish and mixed media on aluminium plate pieces, along with drawings in pencil and charcoal. The style of her paintings is derived from the African heritage of many Seychellois and moreover she works in any medium that allows her to convey her love and artistic talent of the islands. The marvellous work on display here is sure to leave visitors gloating over their decision to buy entry tickets for the gallery.

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