Colombo- the capital city of Sri Lank is packed with some of the most alluring tourist attractions in the world and never fails to impress. Travellers grabbing travel and accommodation packages to the destination can relish unforgettable holidays.

Colombo is the perfect destination to start an unforgettable holiday tour to Sri Lanka. This vivacious metropolis has emerged as a silver lining on the Sri Lankan tourism map owing to its affluent colonial inheritance of the Dutch, Portuguese and British eras which have effortlessly blended with the wave of modernity. The metropolis is a medley of several vibrant cultures which is best reflected in its distinct local cuisines and laid-back charm. Travellers reserving packages to enjoy holidays in and around the metropolis can explore treasure trove of knowledge at one of the many museums, take a trip back in time around the colonial remnants or get high on an extravagant dose of serenity at city’s parks and gardens. Below is a little sneak peak into some of most unforgettable attractions in and around the capital city.

National Museum
Spending bundles on travel and accommodation packages to Colombo is certainly fruitful for historians as they can explore a lot about the ancient history of Sri Lanka after visiting National Museum- the largest and also the oldest repository in the country. Crammed with appealing exhibits of palm leaf manuscripts dating back to thousand years, Sinhalese artwork, sculptures, carvings, ancient furniture and the memorabilia of Kandyan kings, the museum has ensured a surging influx of tourists to the destination over the years. This museum was established in the year 1877 and is housed in a unique colonial-era building. With more than 4,000 ivory and wood cuttings, traditional masks, expensive ornaments and stone sculptures showing the heritage of Sri Lanka, this museum leaves lasting impressions on its visitors.

Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)
Travellers of diverse faiths coming to Sri Lanka invariably visit the charming Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada) that has been purifying the imagination of pilgrims for centuries. Situated close to Sri Lanka’s capital – Colombo, this heavenly site makes for one of the major attractions in own. Resembling to its name, “Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)” is a giant rock that has a distinct foot imprint which the followers of Buddhism believe is made by Buddha himself. When the sun sets, a perfect shadow of the summit can be seen onto the clouds and as the sun rises, the triangular shadow bounces back to the coast. Hoards of visitors are seen booking tour packages to the destination for a trip to this sacred place between the months of December and May which makes for the best time to climb the peak.

The Zoological Gardens
One of the most popular draws of Sri Lanka luring holiday makers to take cheap travel and accommodation packages for holidays to the city of Colombo is the Zoological Gardens. Dotted with rare and exotic species of animals, birds, reptiles and fishes from all over the world, the place is completely dedicated to wildlife conversation. The Zoological Gardens remain the best treat for visitors who book packages for holidays to the city with a desire to closely encounter fascinating animal species and underwater life. The young visitors on holidays to the place are sure to fall in love with the trained elephant’s show which is one-of-its-kind and brings smile even on the most discerning of lips. Other major highlights of the garden include reptile exhibit, Butterfly Park and an aviary.

Lion Rock
One of the premier sites located close to Colombo is the Lion Rock, also known as Sigiriya. UNESCO has designated Lion Rock as a world heritage site. Soaring at a height of 1,214 meters above sea level, Lion Rock is not just a massive stone piece but ruins of an ancient rock fortress and is visited by thousands of history buffs every year. The exclusive wall paintings on the walls are much similar to the Ajanta Caves in India. Dubbed as the eighth wonder of the world, the destination is full of striking archaeological discoveries, water gardens and lily-pad-covered moats. Holiday-makers who book packages for holidays to the capital city can flock to the site for an entertaining as well as enriching experience.

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