Malaysia’s Rainforest World Music Festival 2014 is just few days away. The massive event is scheduled from 20th to 22nd June. While prudent travellers have already booked their flights to Malaysia, few impulsive ones are now seeking last-minute deals for tickets.

Malaysia is a delightful holiday destination that embroils within it a wide range of tourist-centric attractions. The country holds a splendid array of man-made as well natural wonders that have managed to impress each and every soul that has gotten off the flights landing in the nation. Then there are pursuits like shopping, eating out and enjoying recreational activities that have further pushed up the popularity of Malaysia as a tourist destination, something visible in the soaring demand for flight tickets. Amidst all the fanfare and the flurry of nice sightseeing, Malaysia also offers generous scoops of remarkable art and culture. The Rainforest World Music Festival, which is just around the corner, is a great specimen of the kind of mesmerizing artistic and musical extravaganza awaiting tourists in Malaysia.

Rainforest World Music Festival 2014 is scheduled to be held in Sarawak, Malaysia from 20th to 22nd June. Of course, time is short and people must quickly make up their minds to book tickets to Malaysia, in case they haven’t done so yet. Last-minute deals for flights can be expensive but when an entire world of entertainment awaits you, money usually takes a backseat!! Let’s find out more about this annual event!

An Intro

RWMF is an annual three-day music festival that celebrates the diversity of world music, with a number of concerts and music workshops. Cultural displays and food stalls add to the appeal of the event. While local and regional holiday makers make up most the thousands who participate in the three-day frenzy, even foreigners from far away lands are expected to pick up air tickets to experience this great affair in 2014.

RWMF in 2014

The 2014 version of Rainforest World Music Festival is likely to be a grand affair, leaving people happy of their decisions to book air tickets to the destination. A host of entertaining options are lined up for guests. Take a look at the different features at RWMF 2014!

A great alternative for guests who wish to become part of the musical fiesta that takes place here, is a remarkable celebration of spontaneous interactive conception of music with the help of drums and percussion instruments. All and every one is invited to join in the ‘music creation’. No experience is necessary. Apart from enjoying the creation of music, tourists will be able to experience interaction with like-minded souls!

Bisayah Gong Orchestra

Holiday makers who have booked flights to the Malaysian lands especially for this wonderful event would surely be pleased once they start enjoying the performance of Sarawak’s Bisayah Gong Orchestra, which is known for its riveting, soulful music. As many as 19 metalophone instruments are used to create the soulful rendition, with several musicians flaunting their skills.

Blackbeard’s Tea Party

Like Bisayah Gong Orchestra, Blackbeard’s Tea Party will leave people happy to their souls! Guests will seriously love this unique English band that brings infectious energy to the stage. The band spreads fragrance of English traditions but it surely isn’t shy of experimenting with any other exotic musical possibility! Guests who get the privilege to enjoy the performance of Blackbeard’s Tea Party would find the feat dramatic and incredibly inspiring. Tourists, who are boarding flights from the UK to be here at Malaysia are likely to recognize Blackbeard’s Tea Party, awarded one of the best live bands in the UK in the 2011 FATEA Awards.

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