Malaysia’s Genting Highlands is a perfect place for kids and adults, alike. While kids have roller coasters and other theme park attractions to enjoy, adults who buy flight tickets to Malaysia can find their type of entertainment at one of the world-class casinos here at the resort.

Besides packing in a number of attractions that compel travellers to book flights tickets to this gorgeous country, Malaysia has one attraction that stands out for its uniqueness – Genting Highlands. From the Asia’s largest hotel to extravagant theme parks, this hill resort has it all. Nestled amidst the mighty mountains and featuring a plethora of entertainment options, Genting Highlands never ceases to impress its visitors.


From world class luxury hotels to budget inns, Genting Highlands has all kinds of accommodation options to suit the needs of travellers of all types. Among the many luxury hotels, Awana Golf & Country Resort has a prominent place. Just a few kilometres before the peak of Gentling Highlands, this luxury hotel features more than 400 luxurious rooms with modern facilities and amenities. Another noteworthy hotel is Maxims Gentin; this five star resort has everything a luxury holidaymaker would want. Ultra modern rooms and suites, amazing hospitality and state-of-the-art amenities – the hotel is hot favourite among the luxury travellers who book flights’ tickets to Malaysia. Some other luxury accommodation options are Resort Hotel and Theme Park Hotel. For those who have purchased their tickets aboard flights to Kuala Lumpur with a plan to spend their holiday at Genting Highlands within a limited budget, there are a number of budget accommodation options too. When it comes to budget lodging options, First World Hotel is a popular name. It is the largest hotel in Asia and boasts more than 6000 budget rooms. The hotel is widely popular among holiday makers who look for reasonably priced accommodation when booking tickets to visit Malaysia. Some other noteworthy budget options are Genting Hill Homes, Kayangan Apartment and Genting View Resort.


This is one of the biggest attractions of Genting Highlands and makes it a hot favourite among tourists who book tickets on the flights arriving in Malaysia. This integrated hill resort is the only licensed gambling spot in the country. Large crowds can be seen here at almost all the time. It is important to know that the casinos strictly follow a formal dress code. Blackjack, poker and baccarat – try your hand at any of these and you are sure to have a good time here.

Theme Parks

Without a doubt, the outdoor theme park is one of the Genting Highlands’ most sought after attractions for family travellers whose flights are heading to Kuala Lumpur. The themes parks offer a myriad of recreational activities and of course, the thrilling rides. Kids and adults both can enjoy over 50 types of rides which include Ferris Wheels, roller coasters and more.


The hill resort also offers a great shopping experience to its guests with its extravagant First World Plaza shopping mall. Apart from the shopping outlets, the mall features an indoor theme park and hotel. The décor is quite glamorous and looks simply stunning. There are also a number of international landmark replicas such as Eiffel Tower, PETRONAS Twin Towers and Statue of Liberty placed inside the mall. Shopaholics boarding flights to KL to visit Genting Highlands should definitely explore the shopping mall of First World Plaza.

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