Pakistan is a lovely country endowed with abundant natural beauty in the form of glaciers, mountains, forests and lakes. True, the country is home to numerous serene natural and man-made lakes, with some of these water bodies’ being excellent sightseeing attractions. Let’s take a look at some of Pakistan’s best lakes.

Lakes in Pakistan

  1. Lake Manchar

Lake Manchar is the largest freshwater lake in the country and one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. The beautiful lake lies west of the Indus River in the Jamshoro District of Sindh. The area covered by the lake fluctuates according to seasons – it ranges from 350 square kilometres to 520 square kilometres. The lake, alongwith its beautiful surroundings, is a great attraction for tourists who want to spend their holidays in serene and peaceful environs. Boating and fishing activities are popular with tourists visiting this place.

  1. Sheosar Lake

The Sheosar Lake is famous for being one of the highest lakes in the world. It is located within the surreal surroundings of the Deosai Plains in Pakistan. The environs of the lake are made up of thriving green mountains, crystal clear water and stunning reflections of the surroundings in the lake water. The lake, which is also known as Shausar Lake or Blind Lake is covered with ice during winters. The lake’s surroundings make it an ideal camping site for travellers. Travellers are advised to camp on the northern region of the lake, which has a large square hollow-out, to protect tents from the strong heavy winds of the area.

  1. Shangrila

The breathtaking Shangrila Lake is located in Skardu in Pakistan. It is nestled amidst some of the highest peaks in the world. The place is a famous honeymoon spot for newly-wed couples due to its gorgeous, lonely and peaceful surroundings. The lake is enclosed by numerous fruit-laden orchards and gardens blooming with flowers. The water in the lake is so clear that there are almost life-like reflections of the surrounding luxury cottages on its surface.

  1. Rush Lake

Rush Lake is the highest lake in the country, which lies at a height of 5,098 meters. The lake also holds the rank of being the 25th highest alpine lake in the world. The place is ideal for nature lovers as well as adventure enthusiasts as it can also be reached by a trek. The trek route offers some splendid views of glaciers, peaks and untouched natural beauty. Travellers can trek to the Rush Lake and enjoy some breathtaking views of Spantik, Malubiting, Miar Peak, Phuparash Peak and Ultar Sar.

  1. Karambar Lake

Located at a height of 4304 metres, the Karambar Lake, also popular as Qurumbar Lake, is the second highest lake in Pakistan. It is also the deepest lake in the entire valley, with its maximum depth reaching 55 metres. The lake lies against the beautiful backdrop of Ishkomen in Gilgit–Baltistan, close to the boundary of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The lake is also known to be one of the highest biologically active lakes across the world.

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