Tobago has all of Caribbean’s magic tricks up its sleeves – the cerulean and balmy waters, the crystalline sands and lush environs, and it has some more. Tucked away northeast of the mainland of Trinidad, Tobago is where only the most keen of tourists reach, making it an excellent place for unique and rare adventures minus the crowds. Because Tobago boasts breathtaking outdoors and a good weather to enjoy these, you’d be happy to try these top five activities when in Tobago:


Enjoy Mountain Biking

Get off the beaten tourist trails and claim the largely unvisited outdoors boasting such a vivid diversity of terrain that you’ll not feel you are on an island that is only 300 square kilometres in area. Cycling on the winding roads takes you through lush cocoa estates as well as verdant mangrove forests, occasionally revealing the indigenous flora and fauna. Ride along the Main Ridge Forest Reserve and you will be treated to beautiful views of cascading waterfalls and pristine beaches, where you can cool-off and enjoy the surroundings. A number of mountain biking tours are organised by various groups for riders at different levels of proficiency; consider the one provided by Mountain Biking Tobago.

Hike along the Main Ridge

Covering about two-third of the tiny island of Tobago, the Main Ridge is at the heart of any true encounter with Tobago. Divided amongst a number of exciting trails, the Ridge is home to an array of native plants, birds and animals. It is possible to encounter some very old trees including a fiddlewood with an enormous 18-foot girth, a number of gushing waterfalls as well as vistas of some spectacular landscapes from here. Most patrons take the Gilpin Trace Trail, a downhill trail leading to the Bloody Bay and offering excellent opportunities for camping, picnicking and hiking.

Horse Ride along a Beach

It’s not every day that you get a chance to spend an entire day with horses, observe and learn little details about their personality and take them on a ride through tracks and forests before swimming with them along the shore. Being with Horses In Tobago allows you to do all this and more on a unique 2-hour experience. Your tour begins with a horse ride through the Buccoo Village, crossing the goat race track and the wetland mangroves, finally leading you to the beach where you will enter the transparent waters of the Buccoo Bay on the back of your horse friend for the day.

Take a 4×4 Safari

Hit the off beaten tracks marked by mango and avocado farms and enveloped by remarkable natural beauty before finally entering the Main Ridge Forest Reserve on your mean machine. The ride atop a 4×4 will be one of the most thrilling 4 hour adventures you will undertake in Tobago.

Explore a Cocoa Estate

The heady smell of cocoa will greet you much before you have reached a Cocoa Estate. Look for red and yellow cocoa pods hanging from the trees, making for an eye pleasing sight. Pick a tour either at the Tobago Cocoa Estate near Roxborough or at the Velaja Estate for getting familiarised with the whole process of harvesting, fermenting and processing cocoa. Your tour will end with tastings of cocoa nibs hot chocolate tea.

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