Colombo’s nightlife is incredibly varied, with a large number of pubs and cafes festooning the landscape of the city. Party enthusiasts, who are investing on tickets and boarding flights to the capital, are sure to be enamored by few if not all.

Colombo, Sri Lankan capital, is a beautiful city that is renowned as one of the leading tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. The metropolis thrives on its unparallel cultural and historical legacy and has been a sort of must-visit for every cultural aficionado worth his salt! Sri Lanka’s brilliant wildlife has further triggered the desire among many to book flight tickets to Colombo, which is easily the country’s leading gateway. While wildlife and culture has always been the most potent charms of Colombo and the country, a slew of modern pubs and clubs that have sprouted up in Colombo have further made it tempting for tourists to secure air tickets to the city. Nightlife is blossoming in Colombo and it is apt for young tourists, who are hoping to let their hair down in the island nation, to check out few haunts where the night becomes most colorful in the capital.

The Library
Let’s begin with most sober of them all – The Library! It is a wonderful place to have a quiet drink or two as the overall milieu of the venue is very serene and highly elegant. Getting an entry in The Library could prove to be a bit tricky as it is only for house guests or members; however, tourists are usually allowed admittance. Food is spectacular and so are the cocktails.

Glow Bar
If you ask locals, Glow Bar is one name you will hear repeatedly from many of them. Billed as the coolest address in the country, Glow is where the island’s young crowd seems to be at. Tourists will love the lively place as it allows them to mingle with the locals easily. Moreover, it is not overwhelmingly loud, allowing guests to make conversations. Being a popular haunt, it is teeming with people most of the times, it is important to arrive early in order to secure seats.

Mawby’s Clillout Pub
Party lovers who are boarding Sri Lanka bound flights with much anticipation must check out Mawby’s Clillout Pub. A relatively new pub, Mawby’s is very contemporary and is likely to impress tourists who frequent pubs in the western part of the world. Glamour-loving folks will love the venue’s over the top interiors, which are coupled with a well-stocked bar. Further, a large screen TV vies for the attention of guests.

Rhythm & Blues
Music lovers might just find it hard to ignore Rhythm & Blues! The place offers a wonderful opportunity for guests to enjoy live music along with taking pleasure in different lip-smacking drinks. Holiday makers will really love the feeling of having a relaxed evening after a day of hectic sightseeing, with blues and rock being played out! Surely, a kind of place that actually justifies the soaring cost of flights, air tickets, hotels and other expenditures incurred during holidays in Sri Lanka!

Bradman Bar – Cricket Club Cafe
Cricket fans who are boarding their flights to Sri Lanka must make it a point to check out the Bradman Bar – among the most popular hangout zones in Colombo. Cricket devotees will have the time of their lives as they begin to explore the game memorabilia and videos here. Named after the biggest cricketing icon of all time, the café is also popular with those who are no particular fans of the gentlemen game. The menu is relatively cheap and is sure to appeal to budget vacationers who are booking tickets and jumping on flights to get to Sri Lanka.

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