New Zealand, boasting a rich natural diversity and an array of adventure sports, leaves adrenaline junkies gloating over their decision of netting air tickets on flights landing in the country. Here are top four activities adventurists must try during NZ holidays.

Nature is the best artist. Come New Zealand and you will know why! The paradisiacal land nestled in the south-western Pacific Ocean is home to an amazing array of natural splendours, from barren islands to enthralling beaches and furious rivers to lofty mountains, and leaves on visitors a spellbinding effect. The diversity of topography is what makes the country a favourite playground for adrenaline junkies from across the globe. Listed below are some of the mesmeric experiences that adventure freaks netting tickets on flights landing in New Zealand can relish.

Biking in Central Otago
The wiggly and craggy routes of Central Otago offer some of the best biking experiences in New Zealand. With the roads passing along an array of natural facets including lakes, orchards and vineyards, driving here will be a joy that little else can beat. Local companies offer guides biking tours that take riders to region’s off-beat roads with breathtaking vistas. The cool and breezy weather make experience more enriching and well worth the cost of air tickets on flights to sojourn this part of New Zealand. Bikers must take particular care, in terms of clothing and biking gears.

Rafts on Rangitata River
New Zealand also features a number of scenic and shimmering rivers that contain Grade 1 to 5 rapids. Quite naturally, it has become a thriving hot spot for rafting-lovers from across the world and sets them on a mad scramble for cheap air tickets aboard flights landing here. Rangitata River, just two hours from Christchurch, is a great place for river rafting in New Zealand. The river boasts several rapids that make rafting possible for everyone. Beauty on the banks is spectacular and can be best relished by a water rafting tour. Many local agencies arrange rafting tours, accommodation and other required facilities for tourists visiting here.

Taupo bungee Jumping
Taupo bungee Jumping is indeed a quintessential activity for adrenaline junkies grabbing tickets on flights for holidaying in the North Island. This highly acclaimed bungee site is located in a cliff over the mighty Waikato River and offers an unmatched exhilaration to all those who prefer to confront rather than avoid. Falling freely from a heart-throbbing height of 47 meters will be an experience of a lifetime. You can jump alone, strap yourself with a friend to leap off together or try the massive swing for a more exhilarating excursion.

Trekking in Abel Tasman National Park
New Zealand has no shortage of places that offer trekkers ‘once-in-lifetime’ experiences. One of the most popular ones is Abel Tasman National Park in the South Island. Miles of golden sandy beaches, spectacular granite cliffs and verdant fem and manuka groves; this stunning region gives trekkers some of the best encounters they have ever had. It is one of the least strenuous walks in New Zealand, but in terms of rewards, it is indeed one of the best. Watching seals swim, spotting numerous species of birds, animals and reptiles and plunging into exciting water sports are some experiences that promise adrenaline junkies the maximum bang for money spent on tickets aboard flights and holiday deals.

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