New Zealand, the land of uninterrupted adventure, is certainly one of the finest tourist destinations. The nation offers some distinct activities that make huge investments on tickets, flights, hotels, etc, all worth! One such unique pursuit is stargazing.   

It is certainly no exaggeration to state that there are only a few destinations on the globe that can be compared with the natural magnificence of New Zealand. The kiwi land is dotted with scores of natural and wildlife delights that make sure that even the most cynical souls who grab flights tickets to the country are rewarded. Adorably dubbed as the ‘home to the darkest skies in the world’, the nation is blessed with clear dark skies, otherworldly landscapes and distinct heavenly features, which all together pack-in enough to make stargazing in New Zealand an amazingly majestic experience. This is the only destination where the heavens appear much closer to the earth thus making it easier to admire the shooting stars and constellations in the glistering dark skies. Here are two of the many Kiwi stargazing destinations that promise a delighting tryst and make air tickets on flights to New Zealand immensely popular amongst nature lovers.


One of the most popular locations in New Zealand to enjoy best ever stargazing fun is Queenstown. Travellers may journey up the Skyline Gondola which features clear and unpolluted skies, thus setting a perfect scene to relish the unique activity. Keen stargazers taking air tickets aboard flights to the country may take the opportunity to access the ‘hidden world’ created right beside the white snow-capped mountains of Queenstown. A special area has been constructed much high above the Gondola with no trespassing light. This makes for an incredibly clear view of the night sky from where the visitors can view an amazing assortment of sensational sights including Southern Cross, planets, nebulas, the Milky Way and many other galaxies. The region is lined-up with many well experienced tour operators who provide best quality telescopes along with constellation and sky interpretation.

Aoraki Mount Cook

Far away from the shinning rays of city lights, Mount Cook boasts one of the darkest skies in New Zealand which are picture perfect for viewing the spellbinding night sky. The place is even home to Mount John Observatory. This full dome digital planetarium is well equipped with a 3D theatre accommodating almost 130 people. Further, one may take the virtual tours of space to explore the southern night sky, astronomical science, rolling through the ancient ages, and the mystery behind black holes. Nature enthusiasts blocking tickets on flights to fly to New Zealand to partake in some unique and exciting activities can explore the southern sky of the region extending till the Hillary Deck to ensure a closer glimpse of stars, planets, moon and many distant galaxies. Proper sophisticated telescopes and high powered binoculars are put in practice to provide the stargazers with best equipment.

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