New Zealand is a year-round holiday destination that is visited by tourists all throughout the year. While summer is the peak season, winter, autumn and spring aren’t bad times either with enough charm for those booking tickets on flights to NZ.


While some countries thrive on urban lures and some inspire by their heritage, New Zealand is the one to enamour millions and millions of tourists by the sheer virtue of its natural treasures. It is not surprising to know that many first-time vacationers are always keen to know more about the country.

New Zealand is a country of all seasons. People can get aboard New Zealand bound flights any time of the year, without worrying much about the holiday pursuits in the country. Of course, the country has its very own four distinct seasons – winter, summer, spring and autumn. The seasonal pattern is in reverse of the Northern Hemisphere and each climatic change brings along with it a fine flurry of offerings in different parts of New Zealand, treating those who are not given into much planning and are impulsive when it comes to booking air tickets and boarding flights for holidays. Here is a succinct guide on New Zealand’s seasons, the accompanying lures and the venues to enjoy them.

Summer (Dec to Feb)
Avid travellers know that this is the busiest time for tourism in New Zealand. When the entire Northern Hemisphere is reeling under biting cold, this part of the globe is enjoying warm weather and abundant sunshine! Naturally, people from all of Northern Hemisphere, especially the USA and Europe, get in a mad scramble to get tickets for cheap flights to NZ. It has to be said that cheap is not really the word to be associated with flights tickets and even hotels during peak season. The weather is just perfect for exploring beachside and indulging in water sport activities in areas like the Bay of Islands, The Coromandel, Nelson and Marlborough. Swimming, sunbathing, surfing and boating are among the most popular activities this time of the year.

Autumn (March to May)
Autumn is not a bad time to board flights to NZ. The rush of peak season disperses but the weather is still warm, making it a good time to enjoy all the beach frolics like swimming, sunbathing, etc. Moreover, the changing season brings along colourful shades to the environment. In regions like Central Otago and Hawke’s Bay, the nature is at its best during autumn.

Winter (June to Aug)
For a winter vacation, book tickets on flights that land in New Zealand in June, July or August. A lot of snow can be seen in New Zealand’s ski areas and offer perfect conditions for gambols like skiing and snowboarding. This is the season to behold the true majesty of South Island’s magical scenery. For dolphin lovers as well, winter is the best time to board flights. The water is clearest during the months.

Spring (Sep to Nov)
Those booking tickets for hopping onboard New Zealand flights between September and November, the floral blossoms are the most prime charms. Taranaki, Hamilton and Christchurch are the places to enjoy such sights in the country. One can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding during the spring in New Zealand.

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