Many countries have a bunch of historical and heritage sites that reveal a bygone era and reveal the political, military, cultural, and social transformations of a region or nation. One such place is Auckland, a popular city in the north of New Zealand’s North Island. It will amaze one and all, for sure! 

Howick Historical Village

Open daily from 10 AM, the Howick Historical Village is a ‘living history museum’, which presents a golden opportunity to learn about Auckland’s colonial period. Schools, villages, church, and general stores can be seen built at the same spot. The entire village is full of an array of exciting activities. A marching band, a Fencible military demonstration, and an exhibition on the theme of the month are just a few of them. There are picnic areas in the Howick Historical Village. 

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum is New Zealand’s first museum. It has a special significance in the hearts of travellers who want to learn about the story of New Zealand, its geographical location, and its people. This museum has one of the finest Māori and Pacific collections, natural history resources, and key social and military history assemblages. Decorative arts and pictorial collections are on display too. Auckland War Memorial Museum’s heritage library is a must-visit place! 

St Andrews Presbyterian Church

St Andrews Presbyterian Church is a multi-cultural church ‘with a mission to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour’. It features the oldest Presbyterian congregation in the city. The construction of this religious building started in 1847. Three years later, it was opened to the public. Today, it’s a vibrant place with frequent sermons and events. Free parking is available for church activities on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Ewelme Cottage

Constructed for Rev Vicesimus Lush and his family in 1863-1864, the Ewelme Cottage is jam-packed with family possessions. Quite interestingly, it features many belongings that have largely remained untouched right from the Victorian days. There’s also a marvellous antique book collection and a fascinating assortment of family items that have lasted more than a 100 years.  The Ewelme Cottage is an incredible heritage site and should be included in one’s travel itinerary. 

McCahon House Museum

McCahon was a talented educator who made a vital contribution to the lives of several New Zealand artists during the 1950s. Initially he conducted classes at the Auckland Art Gallery. Post that, he kept classes at the Elam School of Fine Arts. He was a well-liked and respected adviser to many of the young and upcoming artists of those days. McCahon House Museum brings to light the rare and unique insights into the artistic history and a chance to admire the supremacy of McCahon’s vision and industriousness.

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