New Zealand, one of the world’s most beautiful countries, has a rich colourful history. Despite massive growth and development, New Zealand has beautifully preserved its nature, beauty, and wilderness. In this travel paradise, you would find a new wonder of nature at every mile. Here is a list of tours you must take during your trip to New Zealand to explore this beautiful county in its entirety.

Scenic Road Tour to Stewart Island to Experience the Island Culture

Stewart Island is a place of rugged and timeless beauty in New Zealand. Its rich history is full of exciting events such as the arrival of Maori in the 13th century and the European and American sealers and whalers around 200 years ago. This highly informative and interactive scenic road tour will almost take you from the present to the past. Here you get to see breathtaking seascapes, explore the beautiful rainforest, and relax on the golden beaches. You can learn about the colourful history of the place as well as present day island culture. Don’t forget to stop at the Observation Rock and Lee Bay for stunning views and lots of opportunities for clicking pictures.

Tour To Explore the Only Active Marine Volcano New Zealand–White Island

Situated just 49km off the coast, this is one of the world’s most accessible live volcanoes. It offers mind-blowing wonders of nature like roaring steam vents, bubbling pits of mud, hot volcanic streams, and the amazing lake of steaming acid. Take this 6 hour adventure to explore New Zealand’s only active marine volcano. You can also hire an experienced guide who will take you on a two hour exploration of the inner crater. During the tour, you will hear interesting stories on the geology of the island as well as attempts to mine sulphur. You may also spot dolphins, whales, and other marine life while on the way back from the island.

Mason Bay Tour to Get Up Close to the Unique Kiwi

This two-day excursion to the Mason Bay presents you an opportunity to see kiwis in the wild and other wildlife. Boating, wilderness treks, night stay in a hut or tent, striking scenery, great food, and are some of the charms of this place. Other highlights are the cruise along the primeval Freshwater River, the 15.5 kilometre hike to the flat, rugged, and muddy Mason Bay, walking through scrub country and tussock land, watching out for kiwi signs and learning about their unique features. This place is a great adventure and truly a wonder for the bird lovers.

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