New Zealand, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is well known for its scenic beauty. The country also has a rich cultural set up, with one of the most intriguing elements being Maori culture. This culture somewhat amalgamated with western European culture in the 19th century and thus shows certain similarities with it. No tour of New Zealand can be complete without learning about this ancient culture of New Zealand. Sounds interesting? Well, you may want to know the hotspots for exploring Maori culture in New Zealand.

Maori Culture In New Zealand


Rotorua is an ideal place to know about the Maori culture. Head to Tamaki Village, Mitai Village and Te Puia here to pick up interesting titbits of information on Maori culture. Various events are held here such as singing, dancing, and haka (war dance). Besides, there is delicious Maori food to look forward to and of course you will also get to enjoy the overall legendary hospitality of the place.

Bay Of Islands

Another great location to experience Maori culture up close. With the help of tour guides, you can interact with the Maori people and hear about their culture right from them. You can also have meals with the Maoris. Many visitors are of the opinion that contemporary Maori people are much similar to other New Zealanders.


This is an interesting place for sure. Maoris have lived along this coastline for more than 900 years and they came to Kaikoura in the first place due to the abundance of food here. History goes that the “Waitaha” and Kati Mamoe people lived here peacefully until the Ngati Kuri arrived. After numerous battles, both the Waitaha and Kati Mamoe surrendered to the Ngati Kuri. The beauty is that the descendants of all these three tribes now live here together.

Whanganui National Park

You can also trace the history of the Maoris here. Hire a tour guide to know about the cultural and spiritual role of the native plants and animals in the Maori community. Whanganui National Park is also one of nature’s best gifts and you will have a wonderful time connecting with nature here. Overall, besides learning about Maori culture, one also gets to enjoy beautiful sights of nature here.


Auckland needs no introduction. Tour guides are available everyday from 9 am to 5 pm to take you on the Maori tour. They will explain this culture’s impact upon the city in a highly amusing manner that will entertain you no end. This city also has a marvellous museum, where cultural programmes are featured and offer a deep insight into Maori culture.

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