If you travel to Queenstown, New Zealand for a holiday, it will be sinful not to explore the entire spectrum of great food that the country produces and serves in its kitchens. The food is here is mostly organic, fresh out of farms and served against backgrounds so spectacular that you can often be left confused whether to eat or admire the natural landscapes.


Already tempted? Here’s a list of five places you can eat at in Queenstown for a dining experience giving you a full value for your money:

Bespoke Kitchen

Just five minutes from Central Queenstown, Bespoke Kitchen has a lot going in its favour. Its stunning location on the hills, overlooking the bay is as inviting as its scrumptious food. An ideal place for a lazy Sunday brunch with friends and family, Bespoke Kitchen is especially loved by fans of fresh, unprocessed flavours and local produce. Don’t visit without making a reservation as you might not find space, and when you are there; don’t forget to try their Allpress coffee and black rice porridge with coconut and fruits.

Provision Cafe

Just about 20 minutes away from Queenstown, you will find a restored historic cottage turned cafe in Arrowtown. By the time you get over the sheer natural beauty that surrounds this cafe, you’ll be faced with a tough choice – what to eat from among a hearty selection of food that fills the menu in this cafe. The food is the freshest you can find in the neighbourhood, and their coffee and popular sticky buns are best had under the shade of fruits trees in their garden. You can also shop for artisan condiments, books and gifts from the small store attached to the cafe.

Vudu Larder

That Queenstown is a haven of quality organic food served in beautifully designed cafes is the fact verified by Vudu Larder. Their coffee draws many dwellers of the city and from outside to its doors on a regular basis. No matter if you are seated inside surrounded by the tasteful designs of the cafe’s partner Michelle Freeman, or outside beside the lake boardwalk, you are guaranteed a stunning ambiance. In the winter months, however, it is difficult to find indoor seating.

The Chop Shop Food Merchants

Another entrant to the list from Arrowtown, the Chop Shop Food Merchants is slowly but steadily rising to stardom in Queenstown and around, all thanks to its delectable, mouth-watering selection of Asian fusion food. From Crispy Pork Belly Japanese Pancake to Crispy Beef Cheek and from crispy duck salad to steamed Chinese buns, there’s no end to the number of treats that await you here. Sitting on the first floor of a historic house, the cafe is filled with sunlight in the daytime and its cute, little terrace and an open kitchen combine to make for cosy, comfortable seating arrangement.

Amisfield Bistro

With views of the Lake Hayes and the Coronet Peak welcoming you inside, it’s natural for visitors to fall in love at first sight. Add to it the fact that the Amisfield Bistro serves an array of locally-inspired, seasonal dishes made from the scratch, you have a love affair that is everlasting. At the helm of the cafe’s kitchen are renowned international chefs that are adding their own creative twist to the classic dishes rooted in New Zealand’s food customs, traditions and rituals.

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