Aoraki Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand is the nature in its most gracious form. Quite naturally, this awesome natural reserve tempts keen travellers to rummage for cheap air tickets aboard flights to the country. This article offers a quick rundown of this wonderland!

Sky-kissing mountains covered with a thick white layer of snow, rocky terrains and stretches of beautiful alpine plants & flowers – this is not a movie set but a fascinating national park in the South Island of New Zealand. Near the town Twizel lies the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, recognised for its unmatched natural beauty, unique vegetation and beautiful landscapes. If you’re seeking a slightly off-the-beaten path holiday, this incredible natural reserve in New Zealand is where you should go. Not without reasons is this place thronged by hordes of naturists and adventurers who spend on air tickets aboard flights bound for New Zealand.

Get Intimate with Nature
Without any doubt, Mount Cook National Park is a nature-lover’s dream come true. Home to New Zealand’s largest glacier ‘Tasman Glacier’, the tallest peak ‘Aoraki’ and an amazing variety of flora & fauna, this place features vivid personality that can’t be matched anywhere else. Snow-lades peaks are quite photogenic and so are the deep endless valleys and gorgeous landscapes here. There is no forest in the reserve; instead it features a wonderful range of alpine plants. As many as 300 species of plants and 40 bird species can be seen here, making it a firm favourite of ecologists reserving tickets aboard flights for sojourning New Zealand. Besides, many endangered species of reptiles, moths and butterflies also call the region their home. Distinctive glaciated environment, climate and ecology here is also a reason why many geography students can be seen making beelines for cheap air tickets aboard flights for visiting this exotic corner of New Zealand.

Adventures Calling
Offering an array of options ranging from mountain climbing to trailing and guided ski trips; the region sets adrenaline junkies of various tastes and endurance levels on a mad scramble for air tickets aboard flights to visit this part of New Zealand. The sky-kissing peaks in the area draw mountaineers from virtually all corners of the globe, despite its climatic troubles. Featuring the sheer wilderness with no village or town nearby, this place also offers excellent opportunities for camping and star gazing. Besides, visitors can take short walk into the main valleys in and around the Mount Cook village to experience unique tribal culture.

There are limited options for accommodation in this natural reserve. So most people who net tickets on flights for a trip here choose to stay in Aoraki/Mount Cook village, where many decent hotels are available. However, for those in need of stay while on mountain climbing, there are many huts featuring some basic facilities including toilet, bunks, radio and water supply. Some popular names, among the huts, are Barran Saddle, Copland Shelter, Empress and Gardiner.

Planning and Preparation
Considering tough climatic conditions and arduous trekking routes, visitors who look forward to visit this wonderland are advised to be come well prepared. There are no banks in the region, so carry sufficient cash to pay for food, lodging and other facilities. Heavy woollen clothes are required, as temperature may drop down to unbearable level. High energy food, a water-proof raincoat and sunglasses are other essential elements for holidaymakers spending on air tickets aboard flights to explore this alpine park. Group visit is recommended. Also, don’t forget to carry a map and hire a local tourist guide.

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